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SHERLOCK: Steven Moffat Teases the Upcoming Special

August 1, 2015 by  

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

There’s more SHERLOCK on tap: in addition to the special that will be airing soon(ish), three more episodes will go into production next spring for “season 4.”

The season 4 hours will consist of the show in its normal setting, but as has been previously reported, the one-off special will be set in the Victorian era.

“We just thought could we ever just do maybe one scene or some dream sequel or something?” SHERLOCK executive producer Steven Moffat recalled during the show’s Television Critics Association panel. “And then we just thought, you know, why don’t we just do it? Why don’t we just do a Victorian one? We never bothered to explain what we were doing in modern day London. So why do we have to bother explaining what they’re doing in Victorian London, when that’s where they’re supposed to be? So…can we increase our normal massive run of three episodes to a record breaking four, and do the special, which is separate from the rest of the series, and done in the correct period? So, you know, it’s a mistake we’ve been a long time rectified. What can I tell you?”

The out-of-time episode is also key to the kind of story the show will be able to tell for the special.

“The main difference, I would say, is that about the only temperature change, moving it from Victorian to modern was ghost stories work better in a Victorian setting,” Moffat said. “This off strand of Doyle original stories that are creepy and scary, and the chillers, we haven’t done much with in the modern show. But putting it back into Victorian times, you think it’s a chance to do a ghost story, really a creepy, a scary one. Other than that, it’s remarkably similar remarkably similar.”

“They’ve done a tiny change, haven’t they, to the way they speak, I think?” executive producer Sue Vertue added.

“Yeah…Sherlock Holmes is has the manners of the Victorian gentleman, which he doesn’t have in the modern version,” Moffat continued. “So he is a lot less brattish when he’s back then because, you know and Dr. Watson is a bit more upright. They’re the same people, seen through the prism of a different time and fitting in to a different society. So it’s a slightly in a curious way, I would say this Sherlock is a little more polished, and he has got he operates like a Victorian gentleman instead of a posh, rude man, which he does in the modern, too.”

SHERLOCK’s special will air on PBS, soon…ish.

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