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GOTHAM: 8 Teases About Season 2

September 8, 2015 by  

Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

GOTHAM is back for its second season on Monday, September 21st, and — as the marketing has been touting — it’s all about the villains.

With Fish gone, a whole new crop of villains are here to play. Jerome (who made quite an impact in his season 1 hours) is a player in a big way, and he’s joined by freshly turned bad girl, Barbara, as well as newbies Tabitha and Theo Galavan.

I had the chance to watch the first two episodes of GOTHAM’s second season, and have a few teases to tide you over until the show’s premiere…

  • Oswald has a dangerous — but tempting — proposition for Jim. He, understandably, has very mixed feelings about aligning himself too closely with Oswald.
  • Bruce hits a roadblock when it comes to finding out what his father was keeping in his hidden room, but that’s not the biggest problem he’ll have over the first few hours — the young man is devastated when someone close to him betrays him in a pretty big way.
  • GOTHAM uses a SOUND OF MUSIC song in a totally bizarre way, and yet it works?
  • Fox teased Barbara’s meeting with Jerome, but the citizens of Gotham shouldn’t be worried about only the two of them teaming up — the duo are just two members of a larger criminal group kidnapped by Theo Galavan, and his sister, Tabitha. And the Galavan siblings have very big plans for the “Maniax.” [youtube][/youtube]
  • Selina made friends with Fish before Fish’s untimely (apparent) demise at the end of season 1, but she’ll have a new (familiar) buddy when season 2 open up.
  • Harvey is in a very different place when viewers see him in season 2 — literally and figuratively — but he does manage to have a few very sweet moments with Jim.
  • We only get a little taste of Nygma in the premiere, but his journey (and his affection for Kristin Kringle) play a key part in episode 2.
  • There’s a bunch of job shifting in the first couple of episodes — two people are fired, one person resigns, and another gets promoted.

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