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ABC and Fox launched their Sunday lineups this week, so a lot of TV went down. (And that’s not even including Showtime’s finales…and I’m, sadly, woefully behind on both MASTERS OF SEX and RAY DONOVAN.)

Let’s talk a bit about what went down last night…

BOB’S BURGERS: Adorable episode. Though now I kind of want a spinoff with the alt-world so we can have as many delightful hot dog names as we have burger names.

THE SIMPSONS: Not my favorite SIMPSONS episode, but given the big uproar this summer about Marge and Homer “splitting up,” I suppose it could have been worse? I almost wish we had seen more of Marge sans Homer if they were going to play that dream card.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Interesting choice of the OUAT writers to replicate the characters’ amnesia, but I really appreciate they at least acknowledged this has happened before. I don’t necessarily need BRAVE and Camelot on top of the Dark Swan arc (which, really, by itself could have been enough for 13 episodes), but it’ll be interesting to see how they balance it all.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE: Bill Hader’s Dozerman felt like THE OFFICE’s Dwight, but without any of the redeeming qualities. I love Holt, but I’m with BROOKLYN NINE-NINE EP Dan Goor — there’s something hilariously silly about seeing such a dignified man in a pigeon suit. And Jake and Amy? Yes, please. They’re adorable, and it should be fun to see them navigate their bizarre relationship together.

FAMILY GUY: I’m a bit surprised they didn’t have Gordon Ramsay as part of Peter and Quagmire’s cook-off. It felt very MASTERCHEF-esque, so the synergy would have been appropriate.


(Here’s my thing — I’m all for a fun, soapy drama. But this was not fun. At all. So: no.)

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH: As much as I enjoyed many of the season 1 cast members, I think LMOE works best with less people. And the parallel between the Miller brothers was beautiful, though I very much wonder when we’ll see them reunited in present day. Also, I thought it was a really nice touch to show Carol’s roommate’s room, which showcased how he was trying to protect himself from the plague. The show is funny, so it’s sometimes easy to forget it takes place in a pretty depressing world.

QUANTICO: I feel like I would have enjoyed this more if so much of the first half of the pilot hadn’t felt like a beat by beat copy of the GREY’S ANATOMY pilot. (Minus the terrorism angle.) The potential boss walking the newbies through their new enviornment and laying out how difficult their job is going to be has now been done to death, and it felt like some of the shots QUANTICO opted to use were just taken straight from the GA pilot. (I’d be curious to see how they played out side-by-side.)

And it was distracting that the show was using the flashback device as what was being relayed in present day…but Alex Parrish isn’t in half of these scenes she was filling them in on. (It was also unfortunate that the big twist of the episode featured someone who is a series regular on another show.) Priyanka Chopra is dynamic. There’s probably even an interesting show here. I just hope it gets better.

What did you think of Sunday night’s TV?

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