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SUPERSTORE — “Toxic Workplace” Episode 403 — Pictured: (l-r) Ben Feldman as Jonah, America Ferrera as Denise, Lauren Ash as Dina — (Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC)

Let’s talk about Thursday TV!

SUPERSTORE: Jonah and Amy were very not good at being fake mad at each other, and it was adorable. And I’m really glad that the writers didn’t go down the easy road of having one of them say something that was too far over the line; they checked before making actual insults and had fun with their mean banter. (I mean, Amy needed a few minutes to cool off post-work. But that’s fine!)

Uh, is poor Sandra really single again due to a coin flip? Who made these binding rules?!?!

Kelly’s exit felt abrupt, but it also made total sense why she’d want to leave. I’m glad the writers didn’t immediately exile her as soon as she and Jonah split or have it happen off-screen.

THE BIG BANG THEORY: A number of really sweet moments in Thursday’s episode, especially Amy admitting she was worried she’d get lost in Sheldon’s world. Sheldon is…a lot. But it’s lovely how deeply Amy deeply adores him; it’s good she has her own boundaries and was clear that her work was not to be messed with.

Also, Raj and Howard having their moment in Raj’s class was also sweet. THE BIG BANG THEORY isn’t hitting it over its viewers’ heads that this is the final season, but when there are touching scenes like that, and guest spots by people like Josh Malina and Bob Newhart, I’m always wondering in the back of my mind whether this is an official “last” for the show.

SUPERNATURAL: I’m really, really disappointed the Michael!Dean arc didn’t last longer. Look, the show was in a tough spot: you keep the Winchesters apart for too long, the fans (rightfully) start to get antsy; I would almost always rather have Dean and Sam saving people together than apart. But when there’s a huge, new swing for a cliffhanger to end the season, I always like for there to be long-term consequences. Obviously the arc isn’t totally over, but we barely got to see what Michael!Dean was up to, and we had just started to see Sam as a solo leader. I wish we had gotten at least another episode before Dean returned.

THE GOOD PLACE: I want to work “Hello, my chili babies” into a conversation this week. (Sorry to all of my friends.) It was delightful to see most of the Brainy Bunch genuinely changed by their time together, as Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani set about doing good even after learning they were doomed to The Bad Place. Chidi’s meltdown was amazing, even if the poor guy does always have a stomachache. Curious to see what the show looks like when the Brainy Bunch (plus Michael and Janet) work together to try and help others get into The Good Place.

WILL & GRACE: I am a Ross/David Schwimmer defender, but it’s fascinating to see some of his FRIENDS instincts seep into his acting and Ross-like infections work their way into his performance. (It makes it extra trippy he’s dating Grace.)

The show was self-aware about Karen’s selfishness, but it was nice that she gave her jewelry to her fellow inmate with the hopes that she could use the money to get out. (I expect no reason change overall, though.)

MOM: Oh man, Bonnie has gotten herself into a pickle with Tammy. (It feels like she’s caring for a toddler.) Good luck to that entire family.

MURPHY BROWN: If only most news shows had the same ethics as Murphy Brown. But, hey, maybe Murphy will still get the ratings bump after her bar fight went viral?

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: Given how bad Sebastian Roché has played in the past, his SVU character felt relatively tame. (Of course, relatively tame on SVU still equals his character ending up arrested by the end of the episode. But still.)

Uh, is Noah’s crankiness going to be…ongoing? I know Liv made the crack about it being a phase, but I’m curious if this is going to be a plot point they actually do something with or if it’s just a thing they’re throwing out there. 

Which shows did you watch last night?

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