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SUPERSTORE — “New Initiative” Episode 407 — Pictured: (l-r) Meagen Fay as Marilyn, America Ferrera as Amy, Fred Melamed as Richard — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Let’s talk about Thursday night TV!

SUPERSTORE: I thought Jonah lying about being in medical school was the most elaborate lie he could tell his parents…and then they revealed they thought he was engaged to (the already-married) Natalie Portman. Oh my God. It was cute that Jonah and Amy decided they should finally be open about their relationship, but perfectly fitting that at this point, no one else really cared. (Though maybe we should wait and see if Sandra passes out when the news gets to her.)

It was so extreme/morbid, but I also loved Garrett and Dina’s smile-off. Of course she found his ex-girlfriend and faked a paternity reveal to try and trick the smile off his face. Of course he’d bring up that her birds would die one day. More of their weirdness together, please.

SUPERNATURAL: It was nice to see Dean 1:1 with Jack, and fun to have Charlie back. (I’m also glad Dean made the Archie joke about the zombie teen, because I was thinking the same thing.) A decent, but kind of weird, standalone episode.

THE GOOD PLACE: Yes, Michael McKean was great. But how do we talk about anything but that BONKERS fight sequence? Go Badass!Janet. Go everyone, really. Um, and it sounds weird to write that I’m looking forward to seeing Janet’s void, but I honestly can’t fathom how bonkers it’s going to be. Bring it on, you crazy show.

MOM: I’ve really missed having Christy’s kids on the show, but yikes, Violet’s return felt like a mess. It would have been one thing if Violet was going over her (absolutely justified) pain and resentment on the podcast and moving forward in real life. But to completely cut off Christy?! She was around when Christy was cleaning up her life. Christy was there through Violet’s pregnancy and the subsequent adoption of her child. They’ve had their issues, since, but there still seemed to be an understanding that Christy loved her kids and had done the best she could. It felt like this Violet was yanked from, like, the first episode of the series and placed into the current season. It’s really a shame.

MURPHY BROWN: This sounds cruel, but I wish Murphy wasn’t right. Corky really needed a win, and being mortified on national TV—albeit not by Murphy—just felt like salt in the wound.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: Well, this was always going to be a tough episode. The “he said-she said” element is difficult in real life, but extra complicated when a lead character is accused of rape. My very deep concern was the show was going to get Stone off the hook by using a “she’s married and lied about being raped to justify consensual sex” storyline, so at least they didn’t do that. But you’d think a) Stone’s friends wouldn’t be allowed to investigate the case and b) he would need to be reassigned, at least temporarily, after having this kind of accusation lobbed against him, even if it ended up being misguided?

Which shows did you watch last night?

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