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About Last Night…THE VOICE, THE FLASH, THE ROOKIE, and More

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THE VOICE — “Live Top 10 Results” Episode 1517B — Pictured: (l-r) Dave Fenley, DeAndre Nico, Carson Daly — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Let’s talk about Tuesday night’s TV!

THE FLASH: The episode was both a lovely tribute to the show and an accidental acknowledgement of its issues: STOP TRAVELING BACK IN TIME TO FIX THINGS. It only leads to bigger problems!! Given how smart these people are, they repeat a lot of the same stupid mistakes.

Selfishly, given the opportunity they had by going to the past, I wish we had seen a few other familiar faces. (Outside of the various Wells.)

The Cicada situation was anticlimactic, because we knew he wasn’t going to be defeated this early in the season. They also really weren’t prepared enough, because now they’ve tipped their hand and blown their initial best shot at containing him.

THE VOICE: I’m going to say a few things upfront: I think DeAndre Nico is a better performer than Reagan Strange. (At this point, she wouldn’t be in my top 5.) I don’t think DeAndre should have been in the bottom 3, frankly, but Reagan probably should have been…”Cry,” unfortunately, wasn’t good.

I also watched what played out after seeing Reagan trend on Google and seeing social media explode in fury over what Adam did. It’s a different experience that way as opposed to watching it unfold live.

That being said: I get why Adam did what he did. Do I agree with it? No. Was it awkward? Oh yes. Do I think Team Adam has a chance to be in the finale? Probably not. But I also think the outrage that a coach would pick one contestant over another is fundamentally flawed, given that’s literally the premise of half the rounds of the show. Earlier in the series’ run, there used to be more constructive criticism about the performances; now there really isn’t any. (I don’t know if it’s because of the combination of coaches, a fear of having their own team criticized, or what.) So seeing something this blunt does feel out of place.

Strategically, as cold as it sounds, it also makes sense. Like Adam noted, somehow DeAndre ended up fighting for his show survival several times. Reagan was apparently the most streamed artist for a few weeks. DeAndre is a better singer, but Reagan probably had a better chance at making it to the finals. (Who knows if this move gutted her chance?)

But the show also could have handled the entire situation better. If Kelly Clarkson was trying to get Carson to let her talk in the aftermath of Adam throwing his support behind Reagan, they should have let her speak…especially since they had one less “Save” performance to get through. Having the commercial break let it fester and probably didn’t help things.

It’s been a rough season, and I’m guessing the fallout of this decision will continue for at least another week.

SPLITTING UP TOGETHER: As cliche as it is, it absolutely makes sense that a romantic partner would be wayyyyyy more suspicious about Lena and Martin’s set up than their previous S.O.’s had been. I missed the kids this episode, though.

THE ROOKIE: As jam-packed as the episode was, it also felt like it didn’t allow for much of anything to breathe. The best scene was when Lopez and Bishop comforted Bradford about his estranged wife. The Tim/Isabel relationship has been fascinating/heartbreaking, but I wonder if her new legal trouble will close the door, at least for now, on them diving into that sporadically.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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