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SUPERSTORE: 7 Teases About the End of Season 4

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Superstore season 4 spoilers

SUPERSTORE — “Salary” Episode 415 — Pictured: (l-r) Ben Feldman as Jonah, Colton Dunn as Garrett, Nichole Bloom as Cheyenne, Nico Santos as Mateo, America Ferrera as Amy — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

The bright side to SUPERSTORE’s mini-hiatus earlier this year? There are still six brand new episodes of the delightful comedy left this season. (The show was already renewed for season 5.)

And as the show gears up for its final arc of the year, big things are in store. The cast and creator shared seven teases about what’s ahead..

How will Amy (America Ferrera) handle having to be the bad guy?

Amy has had a relatively smooth ride as boss so far—with her only hiccups being her salary getting disclosed and discovering the other employees were talking behind her back—but things are about to get a bit more bumpy.

“We get into what happens when corporate starts cutting hours and Amy is caught in the middle,” SUPERSTORE creator Justin Spitzer previews. “We start dealing with the difficulties of hours being cut and corporate coming down hard, and Amy has to navigate being in the middle of it.”

And while Amy pitched something similar earlier in the season, “it’s not that because she pitched that, corporate decided to do it; we’re not trying to say it had that ramification,” Spitzer says. “But just the general difficulty that retail is a little unhealthy with online retail and automation. Corporate is becoming a little more difficult. And Amy is having to be the one to implement these more stringent rules.”

But there is one perk: viewers will finally see the Cloud 9 corporate offices when Amy goes to visit in the episode Ferrera directed.

Will the truth about Dina’s (Lauren Ash) birds come out?

Amy, Jonah (Ben Feldman), and Garrett (Colton Dunn) may be the only ones who know how Dina’s birds really got away—Garrett accidentally released them—but the matter is far from over. “It gets dropped until it gets raised again,” teases Spitzer.

Cloud 9 becomes a battleground.

When Cloud 9 gets new scanners, the employees find a much better use for them: laser tag!

“We get really creative with how we get our points…it gets heated,” Nichole Bloom told reporters in the video below.

Added Dunn: “This is one of those episodes where the entire staff at the store has decided on this new thing we’re going to be doing instead of the [real] work.

Bloom, Dunn, and Nico Santos tease a little more about the antics:

Will Jonah and Amy get caught crossing a(nother) line?

The Jonah and Amy partnership has generally been positive, but the duo find themselves in over their head in an upcoming episode.

“Amy and Jonah start doing something that is really screwed up with the intent of trying to [help],” Feldman says. When their antics get discovered THIS IS US’ Chrissy Metz guest stars as someone who “is sent in to get to the bottom [of the matter] and find out who it was that did it.”

The show will revisit an important season 2 plot.

At the end of the second season premiere, Amy and Jonah put a pin in their strike to resume working. Now, “we can unpin this as we get toward the end of the season,” Spitzer teases.

Potentially assisting with that is Robin Green (played by MADTV’s Anjelah Johnson), a labor organizer who talks with the Cloud 9ers about potentially joining a union.

Amy versus Glenn, part 2:

When Amy was forced to come back to work immediately after having her son earlier in the season, her exhaustion and frustration led to an epic blow-up at her then-boss, Glenn (Mark McKinney). But with Amy now in charge, an upcoming episode will find the duo fighting again.

“America and I have a fabulous argument that goes on for an entire episode,” McKinney teases. “Glenn throws a tantrum like you have never seen before…it is right up there with ‘Kill yourself.’ She’s the reasonable one this time!”

Yep, the finale is going to be big.

“I had pretty much decided at the beginning of the season that we had done big, crazy climactic finales every year now, and why do we do that?” Spitzer recalls. “We write ourselves into a corner, [so I thought] we’re not going to do that this year. And then we got to there and we decided to do it again. [There is] some crazy stuff happening that will shock a lot of people.”

The show has given subtle hints about what was in store with its closers in the past—such as the botched tornado prep—and “there are threads we set up in the season that we slowly pay off in the last few episodes,” Spitzer says. “[And then] those last few will build toward the finale. It becomes very serialized, and the last few have momentum that push us to the end.”

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