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The CW at TCA: Executive Session Live-Blog

August 4, 2019 by  

The CW at TCA: Executive Session Live-Blog

The CW is presenting at the Television Critics Association tour, starting with the network’s executive session. Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW is answering questions from television critics, so follow along to see what he has to say…

9:35 AM: Prior to the session officially starting, The CW confirms THE 100 will end with season 7.

9:36 AM: The CW does consult/have input on BURDEN OF TRUTH. But they’re evaluating whether it’ll run next summer.

9:37 AM: Pedowitz says that ALL AMERICAN had a Netflix surge a la RIVERDALE. IN THE DARK followed closely behind that.

9:38 AM: “We believed in it,” Pedowitz says of ALL AMERICAN. He says now they just have to get viewers to come to The CW vs. just watching it on Netflix.

9:40 AM: “All I can tell you is Jared, Jensen, Peter Roth…and myself had a very, very long, sad, heartbreaking discussion,” Pedowitz says. “We all came to understand what the guys were going to do. They wanted to go out while it was relevant, they wanted to be with their families, and see what else is out in the world.”

9:41 AM: “Jason Rothenberg said for a while he wanted to end it at the end of season 7,” Pedowitz says. The CW agreed to it this week and decided to announce it here.

9:43 AM: Will they pull out of Georgia if the abortion ban sticks? Pedowitz says there will be conversations with their partners if/when it becomes the law.

9:44 AM: There’s been no conversations about a CONSTANTINE series. Matt Ryan’s character will be firmly tied into LEGENDS’ new Big Bad.

9:45 AM: DYNASTY’s casting changes are “coincidences,” Pedowitz says. A lot of the exits were personal reasons, or general fatigue.

9:47 AM: Are there any more RIVERDALE offshoots in the works? Pedowitz says they’re “always open,” but right now they’re worried about launching KATY and keeping RIVERDALE up to its standards.

9:49 AM: Will there be another take on SUPERNATURAL’s spinoff? “I’ve been involved in two spinoffs that didn’t connect,” Pedowitz says. He says there has been no conversations and the show’s “essence and blood is Jared and Jensen.”

9:50 AM: “I’m certain the strength of it will survive,” Pedowitz says of the ARROWverse sans ARROW.

9:51 AM: No, they’re not thinking of doing a reboot of their own 90210.

9:52 AM: There were preliminary discussions of doing the GOSSIP GIRL reboot at The CW, but Pedowitz says he’s happy for the producers and studio.

9:53 AM: “It is a tribute to our friend, a well-respected actor,” Pedowitz says of RIVERDALE’s Luke Perry episode. “It’s our tribute to him.”

9:55 AM: “Unfortunately, violence is a part of our society,” Pedowitz says. He says they very, very carefully monitor what they put out there.”

9:56 AM: Despite losing a bunch of lighter shows, Pedowitz says they still have things that are different, tonally, including IN THE DARK and ALL AMERICAN.

9:58 AM: Pedowitz is thrilled to have their limited relationship with iHeartRadio.

9:59 AM: Any spinoff for for ARROW with the next generation? There’s a possibility, but it’s not currently in development. They’re working on a potential new DC title they are not announcing yet.

10:01 AM: Why was the time right to have BLACK LIGHTNING in the ARROWverse? “This is a DC property we felt it might be the right time if [showrunner] Salim [Akil] was interested in it,” Pedowitz says of the universe bending crossover. “He is doing his own thing, and we would not have done it if he didn’t sign off on it.”

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