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About Last Night…THE HUSTLER

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Let’s talk about Monday night’s TV!

THE HUSTLER: I’m intrigued by the idea of the show, but not sure how I feel about the execution. The players trying to compete together to earn money, while one of them secretly knows all of the answers is intriguing. But in theory, why should the Hustler be the only vote that counts? To make it genuinely interesting and hard, shouldn’t everyone have a vote, and if the most votes pushes out the Hustler, the next-highest vote-getter be eliminated?

Not to mention, due to camera-work, we’re only seeing what the editors want us to see of the contestants. If someone visibly flinches (I’d hope they WOULDN’T, but you never know how someone will break under the stress of “live” TV), the editors likely aren’t going to include a huge tell. I wish there was  a way we could get a split screen and see all of the contestants. (I’m also wary about Craig Ferguson interjecting into game play. I’m sure they’re following strict rules about how much he’s allowed to talk and influence things, but it felt like at least once he started talking as a contestant was trying to piece things together.)

This will, however, be a FASCINATING show to watch if it gets a second season, because alllllll of the tricks of season 1’s constestants will be in play.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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