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About Last Night…CHICAGO MED, SEAL TEAM, CHICAGO P.D., and More

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CHICAGO P.D. — “Protect And Serve” Episode 808 — Pictured: LaRoyce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

CHICAGO MED: Oh God, that storyline with the grieving mom was rouuuuugh. (Though did anyone else worry she wouldn’t properly grieve because the doll couldn’t, uh, flatline?)

I feel absolutely awful for Maggie. She did what was best for Auggie, but to essentially lose another child? Brutal. She deserves the family she wants ASAP.

I’m curious how much Crockett and Natalie will become a triangle with Will. Natalie and Will’s breakup was brutal, but it’s always felt unresolved. He’s had relationships since, but is this something they’re actually going back to? Will Natalie’s sick mom be a way to bring them closer together?

THE MASKED SINGER: WHAT??? Okay, was it probably cheating? Sure. Was it almost certainly rigged? I mean, I don’t see how it wasn’t. (You, uh, heard Raccoon sing, right?) But I laughed a whole lot when Kermit popped out of that snail.

CHICAGO FIRE: I loved getting another glimpse at Severide and April’s friendship. It’s been so long since we’ve seen them together, and it was weirdly emotional getting a mini-FIRE and MED crossover?

But, um, yeah, Casey probably should hide his raging jealously a littttttle bit better.

SEAL TEAM: When I thought about Bravo’s mission falling apart/going awry, I worried Jason or Ray would be hurt as they tried to take down the man who tortured Ray. But Sonny…well, he’s had enough going on as it is. I am, however, glad he told Lisa his ex is pregnant.

And just when it felt like maybe they were getting a breather, Jason got arrested?!

CHICAGO P.D.: This was a deeply uncomfortable, beautifully shot, and vitally important episode. So many shows have been struggling with how to handle police reform, and the fact is there is no easy answer. It’s not something that can be solved by television writers, but it’s also the responsibility of scribes to handle this moment with the respect it deserves.

What I’ve appreciated about the PD approach is they have had to have the core group change; you can’t do the wrong thing for the right reason. And it hasn’t been easy or perfect. But it’s very necessary that white characters also not be coddled through the process, and the show hasn’t been shy about making its heroes uncomfortable.

Atwater pushing Ruzek was important. Yes, Ruzek is a good man. Yes, he’d die for Atwater. But in the heat of the moment people who think they’re good could let unconscious biases influence things. Wheelan was convinced the kid he killed moved; he didn’t. And out of all the characters, as Patrick John Flueger has pointed out, Ruzek is from a long line of cops. This is what he knows. Atwater’s “what if you can’t see it coming?” about a possible swap was chilling and fair.

To be clear: I don’t think for a second the show will go down that path with Ruzek, but Atwater posing the question is necessary and could be important in making Adam take an extra second to think down the road. And the show didn’t belittle the moment by having Ruzek offer false promises; it was content to sit in the uncomfortable silence.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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