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CRIME SCENE KITCHEN: L-R: Contestants Caroline and Carolyn with Joel McHale, Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone in the “Just Desserts” episode of CRIME SCENE KITCHEN airing Wednesday, June 9 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX.

Let’s talk about Wednesday night’s TV!

PRESS YOUR LUCK: I truly wonder if that was a record for how many times a contestant has hit the big bucks/highest dollar amount?? Hitting $75k four times is bonkers, even if the Whammy + extra spins meant she didn’t get to walk away with all of that money.

CRIME SCENE KITCHEN: Okay, the contestants are starting to get a feel for the game, and it’s making things even more interesting—when all but one team makes the correct final dessert, there’s no real question about who goes home. But that also meant that people who picked the right dessert, but absolutely botched the taste component, got a free ride. They’ve been good about telling the contestants the clues they missed in the kitchen…at some point will that stop if everyone is just picking up on things? Or will the clues get harder?

(Also, how does one volunteer to be a tester of these desserts? I need to remember to only watch this show with dessert handy. Not that it helps as I start Googling what they’re making during the episode…)


Look, I absolutely get his instinct to want to make Peter pay for what he did to Sophie—Gary was desperate, spiraling, thinking his world was falling apart, and Peter was going to get away with what he did to Sophie; the legal system’s hands were tied, and they basically had to wait/hope another victim would come forward. But, Gary, buddy….not the right move, even if wanting to punch Peter in the face is understandable.

I imagine the writers won’t have Gary cross a major line (AKA murder), but even if he “just” beats him up, there’s no way this stays quiet. Especially in an age of Ring cameras.

I’m so torn on the Delilah of it all. I was so happy she returned, but moving the entire family to France feels so drastic, and, yes, selfish. Danny and Sophie have lives to contend with, too; it’s one thing if she felt the need to move out of their family home. I would get that! But to take them away from all of their friends, support system, schools, etc? It just feels so drastic. Not to mention Charlie’s father can’t exactly drop everything in his life and go to France whenever he wants to see his infant daughter. (Not to mention Eddie was essentially cut out of Charlie’s life for months when D was in France this latest go-round.)

But I’m glad the kids got their own shining moments in the finale. Sophie got to name Peter as her abuser on the podcast, and while it might lead to some mess, hopefully it’ll also lead to other people coming forward. And Danny and Milo! Danny deserves some happiness.

Man, can we keep Rome, Regina, and Tyrell in some safe bubble? They’ve all lost so much—and I get Regina losing Someday, but, man, my heart—and it feels like Tyrell is going to spiral now that he knows his mother was deported indirectly because of him. (It is NOT his fault, but that won’t stop his guilt.)

So, uh, who called Eddie?

[For more on the finale and what’s to come, here’s what creator DJ Nash had to say.]

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