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THE COURTSHIP — “First Impressions” Episode 101 — Pictured: (l-r) Danny Kim, Nicole Remy — (Photo by: Sean Gleason/NBC)

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!

THE COURTSHIP: This show was ridiculous and fun? I mean, will it lead to lasting love? I doubt it. A reality show skews relationships enough, but this makes things even more unlike what the real world is like. But it could make for fun TV.

(But, oh my God, I hope this farewell dance is a one-time thing? THAT WAS SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Also, why did she not have those dances and then reveal who stayed, because it led to very little suspense about who was staying and going. That being said…good lord, that doctor was awful.)

THE SIMPSONS: I was curious how the show would handle two wilderness episodes in a row, but they did it well. Last week’s episode really felt different (but great) for the series. This felt a bit more “normal,” as Bart and the boys had to do a trek as punishment. (I’m also glad we’re seeing that all the pressure is getting to Martin, because…yikes.)

And of course Lisa wanted to be an only child for a day. It’s kind of shocking the show never explored that before, but it was a great idea.

AMERICAN IDOL: Katy Perry singing about queso is a WHOLE MOOD.

My two favorites of the night were Kenedi and Lady K. It was interesting they gave Kenedi the Platinum Ticket in the room—rather than (seemingly) hearing everyone else perform—but, it’s also clear the judges were instantly enamored with her.

THE GREAT NORTH: Oh, look, Principal Gibbons indulged his “how do you do, fellow kids?” It’s hilarious he goes undercover every year—which, maybe, could allow them to revisit this seasons down the line—but this, somehow, was one of the better disguises based on the brief look we got at his past attempts.

TRANSPLANT: Well, getting drunk when you didn’t have a sip of alcohol feels like a very specific kind of nightmare?! That poor woman. I don’t blame the mother for being upset her daughter was hurt, even if the caretaker/driver meant absolutely no harm.

I honestly can’t imagine the absolutely mind-breaking mess Bash is going through internally. It’s hard enough to lose someone you love, but to find out they’re not gone and have to…adjust to that? Especially after so many years?? It’s going to take a lot of time to settle into.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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