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FAMILY GUY: The Griffins tell “Family Guy” versions of three HBO shows: “Game of Thrones”, “Succession” and “Big Little Lies” in the “HBO-No” episode of FAMILY GUY airing Sunday, March 13 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. FAMILY GUY © 2022 by 20th Television.

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!

THE COURTSHIP: Oh, God, the dance elimination is something they’re doing every week? Noooooooooooo.

It’s fascinating how little time Ms. Remy is having with her suitors. I know other dating shows have minimal time and getting a 1:1 is really difficult, but it sounds like there was a single 1:1 date over a week? How much time is she getting with a number of these dudes? (Also, goodness, please don’t jump into dirty water to get a girl’s attention.)

THE SIMPSONS: Maybe nothing has made more sense in this world than Helen Lovejoy being a Karen.

Homer has gotten in trouble before for his (apparent) neglect, and he’s even gone viral, but this was an interesting approach to the storyline. When the option to nuke the incriminating footage was dangled in front of him—and the other “canceled” people—I figured the twist might be more personal…they would owe the company, it would release a virus into the clickbait server, something like that. But of course it was also to erase the, uh, questionable footage of some of the actual worst people out there. It’s not a surprise Homer ended up doing the right thing, but it’s always lovely when it’s clear how much he does listen/respect his family.

AMERICAN IDOL: Another good group of auditions. Sam Finelli’s audition made me emotional, as did Mark Osborne’s.

(Uh, I know it was probably nothing, but the ticket falling during Donavan’s audition was creepy and I’m surprised it didn’t push Katy to give him a yes, just in case.)

FAMILY GUY: I liked the idea of the show doing an homage to HBO programming, but I wish it was a bit more current? I know it’s hard to do given animation’s lead time, but the GAME OF THRONES and BIG LITTLE LIES season 1 parodies felt like they could have easily aired five seasons ago.

TRANSPLANT: Poor Bash; losing his patient after all they went through? So hard. And the new boss? He’s going to take a lot of getting used to. I don’t think he’s being intentionally malicious, but it’s hard seeing characters we love struggle to work with him.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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