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THE SIMPSONS: When an evil, shape shifting, unfunny clown starts eating the children of Kingfield, Young Homer and his friends must band together to destroy it, or die trying in the all-new “Not It” episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, October 23 (8:00-8:31 PM ET/PT) on FOX. THE SIMPSONS © 2022 by 20th Television.

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!

THE SIMPSONS: I deeply love the “Treehouse of Horror” segments, but generally find them clever/fun, not scary. (Even, uh, when I watched them as a kid.) If I was a kid, I think I would have found “Not It” pretty scary…as it was, I was surprised by how far they took it. (And full disclosure, I don’t have an issue with clowns. Good luck to anyone who watched this while being afraid of clowns.) 

I really enjoyed the episode, though. There were so many delightful Stephen King references (particularly loved the change in the town’s name and the “Needful Crap” store, which was an homage to “Needful Things”), and I honestly feel like I’ll need to rewatch the episode 2-3 times to catch them all. Plus, that was a fun little Kang and Kodos tag.

THE EQUALIZER: Okay, the Robyn McCall x “Stand Up” combo was something I didn’t know I needed. I’m not sure any action sequence will top that for me; Robyn was so badass with the pool cue, and it was an A+ song choice.

Of course Miles wants Delilah, but…nope, don’t love this. I get he’s not doing this to be malicious, but this also isn’t what’s best for D, either.

THE GREAT NORTH: Wooden Todd was a little scary, but also…they probably could have gotten away with it had the boat not sped up. (But it’s very funny the winner of the boat competition was simply whomever was hottest. Sure!)

CELEBRITY WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Look, I knew the first final puzzle (though Joel was very smart to guess a “Y”; I never would have gotten it without that), but the fact Joel Madden missed it when he actually landed on the million dollar space?! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, man. That feels like something that will haunt him.

That being said, he was very good at the game and did guess the second final puzzle. So at least he spun $100k that go-round and was able to raise almost $200k between the two games for MIB Agents. 

BOB’S BURGERS: Bob losing his mind in a quest to track down home run balls? Yep, this tracks. At least he got one, in the end, even if he had to close the restaurant, and fight to keep it.

THE ROOKIE: The notion that Smitty was in charge, briefly, is maybe the most alarming thing this show has ever done.

It makes sense Bailey and Nolan would take a very big step after she almost died, but I’m so curious how long it lasts. Right now, virtually every couple is happy, and, well, that can never be trusted on TV. Yes, Chenford is still in their will they/won’t they era, but this show has had a shockingly large amount of positive personal life stories…I’m not rooting for it, but I’m skeptical Bailey and Nolan will pull this off. (But of course Bailey died before.)

Speaking of Chenford…Tim needing surgery and asking it be hidden from Lucy was very sweet, though he was also very lucky she didn’t kick his butt for keeping her away for her own good. It’ll be interesting to see how/if their dynamic changes now that Ashley is gone.

Wesley is both very brave and very dumb for going against Angela and getting all caught up in the very messy Lopez family dynamic. Loved getting to see more of Angela’s family life, though.

(Really liking Juarez; hoping they find a way to keep her around.)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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