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THE ROOKIE – “Take Back” – Officer John Nolan and the team investigate the unexpected death of a suspect in police custody. Their search also uncovers a very delicate loose end that could jeopardize Officer Celina Juarez’s career. Meanwhile, Sergeant Grey and his wife, Luna, go to New York to visit their daughter, Dominique, only to realize she never made it home from the night before on an all-new episode of “The Rookie,” SUNDAY, DEC. 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Raymond Liu)

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!

CELEBRITY WHEEL OF FORTUNE: I’m sorry, “Lil Nas X-Files” as a Before & After clue is the best puzzle this show will ever have.

Julie Bowen was so accidentally good it was funny, though it’s a bummer for her she couldn’t solve the final puzzle. And I’m glad Gayle King was able to redeem herself after a first rough game and actually win game 2. (But “Urban Myth” is a very hard final puzzle?! Like, I figured out “Laughing At Myself” before Bowen guessed a single letter in her final round, but I never got King’s final puzzle. Eesh.)

THE SIMPSONS: On a technical level, how fun to see the different kind of animation for the computer game. We’ve seen them play with things like that in the past, but outside of “Brick Like Me,” this may be the episode with the longest portion of it outside of their norm? (Excluding the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes, of course.)

But I also liked the episode. The show has played with Maggie’s inability to talk in the past—and she’s used Lisa as a conduit, plus there was a brief dabbling with sign language—but this was a great way to hear from Maggie’s viewpoint in a realistic way. Plus, it makes logical sense why Homer and Marge would also remain sucked into that computer world.

THE ROOKIE: Well, that collar was pretty freaking traumatizing. I guess it could have been worse, on every level, but Nolan is pretty lucky Celina saved his life. If she hadn’t gotten a great read on their perp, he would have clipped the wrong wire. And, well, we saw how that went for Pam.

Speaking of Celina, I’m really, really loving her addition to the team. I’m glad she wasn’t at fault for their suspect’s death, but I’m also really glad she still wants to be a cop. I’m hoping the show finds a way to keep her around.

Despite Lucy’s DEEPLY AWKWARD BREAKUP—I don’t know if practicing it would have helped a lot—I’m so happy she and Tim are finally getting their act together. It makes sense why it’s taken so long: at first, it would have been a power imbalance, and then when it got more appropriate, they had gotten so close it was a risk. But they deserve to take this chance at happiness.

This show clearly isn’t built around a will they/won’t they relationship like others, but I have been thinking a lot recently about how the writers have been playing the dynamic and it’s felt like something was going to happen between Chenford soon. I believe Chenford is/was the second-longest running will they/won’t they couple on TV currently, at least in terms of duos who had not officially given their relationships a shot yet, which is both bonkers and a testament to how much TV has changed for the better in the past decade. (The MOONLIGHTING curse is not real, nor has it ever been.) I’m all for slow burns (and Chenford certainly feels earned), but I’m glad we get to see what happens next. (Please, please, please writers. Don’t let this be a fake out.)

Evergreen, but: Wesley and Lopez remain precious, protect them at all costs.

FAMILY GUY: Okay, Alex Borstein is almost alarmingly talented at being Lois mimicking Chris? (She’s so freaking talented, period.) But of course Lois would be jealous the moment Chris and Peter actually started to bond.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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