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LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME’s Ainsley Seiger Previews Jet’s Fight to Survive: ‘Stall, Stall, Stall For Your Life’

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Organized Crime Jet kidnapped

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Punch Drunk” Episode 313 — Pictured: Ainsley Seiger as Det. Jet Slootmaekers — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME’s Jet (Ainsley Seiger) has faced one of her toughest missions yet in recent weeks: Going undercover as a card dealer-turned-love interest of enforcer Seamus O’Meara (Michael Malarkey).

On the Thursday, February 2 hour, “Punch Drunk,” Jet and Seamus got close—much to the chagrin of Jet’s boss, Bell (Danielle Moné Truitt), who worried the detective was falling for their target for real. (Or, at the least, was potentially jeopardizing their case.) Jet insisted she had a handle on things, going as far as faking out Bell (with a “drunk” visit to the sergeant’s home) to prove how convincing she could be.

But things fell apart anyway. When Seamus’ intended hit—who was spared when Jet convinced Seamus to not go through with it—showed up at the casino to confront Eamon Murphy (Timothy V. Murphy), mayhem broke out. Seamus grabbed Jet to escape, fearing for their lives, and she reassured him he did do the right thing. However, when he tried to get them out of there, he accidentally snagged her wig off her head…and Jet revealed she was an undercover cop.

Seamus at first was in denial she was telling the truth, before shifting into being hurt that she lied to him. “Falling for you,” he told her. “You were falling for me, weren’t you? Or was that all a lie, too?”

Jet was saved from answering when her attempt to call to Bell went through. But chaos in the parking lot distracted the detective and allowed Seamus to get the chance to lunge at Jet. The duo fought before he was able to briefly knock her out and shove her into the trunk of his car…without her phone or gun.

When the show returns on Thursday, February 16, the Organized Crime Control Bureau is desperate to find their missing teammate—and Jet will have to figure out a way to keep herself alive.

Here, Seiger previews Jet’s fight for her life in “All in the Game,” reflects on filming those incredible scenes with Truitt in “Punch Drunk,” and digs into the bits of Jet’s backstory viewers have received in season 3.

Jet was in a bind when the last episode ended. What can you share about where we’ll find her when “All in the Game” kicks off and what her state of mind is?
We will definitely see a little bit more trunk action. Jet is figuring out how the hell she’s gonna get out of this situation that she’s found herself in.

And as far as her state of mind goes, something that was really fun to play with, in doing all this stuff, was there being a lot more frustration than fear. Frustration with herself of, “How am I supposed to show my face in the task force after this has happened?” And frustration about how she’s ended up in this situation in the first place. This is not how this was supposed to go. Frustration with Seamus, despite Jet certainly understanding why he did what he did.

Organized Crime Jet kidnapped

Credit: NBC/screengrab

We saw Jet and Bell disagreeing about Jet’s undercover approach with Seamus, and Jet insisting she could handle herself. Now that this has taken a turn, how much is that particular fight weighing on her mind as she’s in the midst of this crisis? And what was it like filming those “Punch Drunk” scenes with Danielle?
I had so much fun getting to work with Danielle on these episodes. I think she’s just brilliant and I look up to her a lot. We were both really excited to finally have some stuff that we knew was not going to get cut, because it was too important to the actual plot of the show. [Laughs.] We’ve had a few things together, a couple of scenes, that have really just been there to illustrate more of the relationship between the two of them [and they] have ended up not airing. Which, you know, that’s the way it goes. But we were really looking forward to doing these scenes, knowing that the work that we were putting into them was going to pay off and that it would be seen.

I was excited, too, to have a little bit of Jet and Bell…I hesitate to say butting heads, because I think there is an understanding between the two of them. And what is happening between the two of them is only happening because they care very deeply about one another—which is always the best kind of material to get, as an actor. It’s not even really an argument, as much as it is a very desperate attempt to keep one another safe or to make someone proud of you, to prove yourself to someone who you look up to as a mentor figure. I definitely think that there’s a little bit of that weighing on her mind in the trunk. [Laughs.] And that very much plays into this frustration of, “I just said to her that I could do this and that I was capable. Now look at me. What am I to do?”

Arguably no one is better at technology than Jet—but she lost her phone when Seamus knocked her out. What unconventional steps might we see her utilize to fight back since she doesn’t have her go-to superpowers at her disposal?
My favorite thing, without giving away too much about some of the opening scenes of the next episode, is that in these past three [episodes] we’ve seen Jet grappling with her actual emotions. She’s never been very good with that. I don’t think she’s quite as capable with handling her feelings as she is with, like, a computer. And I think that’s what draws her to technology—it’s a very tangible, mathematical, logical, expression of the self. And we’re seeing her have to face up to that weight and this relationship that she has built with Seamus. So much of the game is stall, stall, stall for your life.

Another one of my favorite things about some of those scenes is that we’re coming off the heels of this massive betrayal of Jet to Seamus, and her recognizing that my greatest weapon right now is the truth. And that’s all that she can give him.

Organized Crime Jet kidnapped

LAW & ORDER: ORGANIZED CRIME — “Punch Drunk” Episode 313 — Pictured: (l-r) Ainsley Seiger as Det. Jet Slootmaekers, Michael Malarkey as Seamus O’Meara — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Obviously, things might have changed post-undercover op being blown and Seamus throwing her in the trunk, but there was reason to question how real Jet’s feelings were. In your mind, before the last few minutes of “Punch Drunk,” how conflicted was Jet about Seamus?
She’s super conflicted. [Laughs.] Look, Jet obviously has a type. We know this. She loves a bad boy. She loves a straight-up criminal. I’ve had so much fun with this arc, as a whole, and everything that’s been going on, particularly with the relationship between Jet and Seamus.

I think that the most beautiful interpretation, if you will, of the final scene of the last episode is…I’ve seen a lot of people saying, “Why’d she blow her cover? She could have just said it was a wig. It’s not that weird! What if she got a bad haircut? She just wanted to see what she looked like with bangs!” And I had the same thought, I’m not gonna lie to you.

But I think it’s so much more compelling to look at it through the lens of, “Okay, this has happened. Seamus is now in a position, as we’ve seen from that moment between him and Murphy, [where] Murphy knows that he did not do what he was supposed to do, and there’s no way out for him. He’s truly in a life or death situation.” And I know that Jet knows this and understands this. And now that the wig is off, this is the moment of realization of, “Okay, okay, okay. I can fix this. And I can save him. I can use my job. I can let him know what it is that I do, and his feelings are probably gonna be a little hurt, but maybe we can talk about it later. But this is not the time. But this is the one thing that I have at my disposal that can possibly get him out of the situation.” She cares for him a lot more than I think she’s even let on within the show.

Outside of Seamus, we found out earlier in the season that Jet was briefly married—and her father hasn’t spoken to her since that went down. How much do you know about that backstory? And is there anything you can share about how it might come into play later in the season?
I have my little notebooks; I have my little diary entries that I do as Jet.

I know very little about what the plan is for that. I have my own ideas. And Sean Jablonski, our showrunner, is very, very collaborative and he’s very interested in working with us, as the actors who really know these characters, in order to tell a good story.

I’m doing, like, raccoon hands right now—I have my little mischievous ideas. But I actually have no idea if that’s going to come back into play [or] how it will come back into play. But I, for one, really loved that over the course of this season, specifically, Jet’s backstory has been unfolding like a little flower. It’s just a little, bit by bit by bit, we’re learning and getting little loot drops of who she is and where she’s come from.

Update (Wednesday, February 15): Watch a clip from “All in the Game,” as Seamus shows Jet what he has planned…



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