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Great News for Fans of The Office

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Kristin at E! Online has just reported that The Office was picked up for a full 22 episodes. Yeah!!!! (Thanks to tvgirl13 for the heads-up)

The OC in a Nutshell

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The following post discusses this Thursday’s “OC”. If you haven’t seen the ep yet, you might not want to read ahead.

I was so excited to write a full recap of tonight’s episode, but as fate would have it, I had MAJOR technical difficulties last night. The cable went out, and by the time that came back, my internet connection shit the bed. So without the full ep on Tivo, I’ll do my very best to let you all in on the happenings of Newport Beach, CA.

Previously on The OC…
Just to get you up to speed, Marissa got booted from Harbor for shooting someone. Ryan got booted from Harbor for punching someone. Seth & Summer haven’t gotten booted yet (or knocked boots in a while from what I can tell). Ryan is being home schooled by a tutor. Marissa is adjusting to life in the oh so dreaded public school and coincidentally enough has befriend the public school version of Ryan Atwood. Julie Cooper-Nichol is adjusting to life with no money & no man (welcome to the club sista-friend), and living at a motel, while Coop is staying with her bff, Summer. Kirsten is out of rehab and finally back home ordering takeout. Creepy Charlotte is still wearing out her welcome, and still has a really large mouth. Sandy is being Sandy – which is pretty damn cool. And oh yeah, the King of Causing Havoc, Dean Dumbass, is bangin’ Summer’s arch nemesis, Taylor Townsend…and Summer knows all about it.

And now, an all new The OC: “The Perfect Storm”…
The Cohen-Atwood-Cooper-Roberts kids are back in full effect, y’all. It’s Senior Year in Newport, so the kids need to start thinking about colleges. Time to attend the traditional College Fair, or as Summer calls it, the College Circus (ha). Coop informs us that she can’t even think about going to college since she’s broke and goes to a public school. Right…because no one from a public school could ever get into college. And as for the money? I got two words for you Coop: FINANCIAL AID.

Ryan doesn’t think he can go to college because his last name is Atwood. I love how he likes to remind us all that he’s the hardass from Chino when it’s convenient for him. Dude, look around. You live in a private pool house over looking the ocean. You drive a Range Rover. Let it go. Sandy & Kirsten tell him that he’s going to the circus to pick out a college and that is that.

While Seth & Summer head off to look at Ivy League schools (yeah, the producers are trying to convince us that Summer is smart or something), Ryan is convinced by his Berkeley Alumna guardians that he should check out good ‘ol UC. Just as he starts to embrace the idea of the college life, he catches the scowling glare of Dean Dumbass (DD). Sandy steps in and tells Dean Dumbass to steps off or he’s going to attack him with his eyebrows…or something to that affect. DD, who clearly has a huge pole up his ass, informs Sandy that Ryan has no shot at college because DD ruin his HS record with some pansy-ass letter about Ryan’s behavior. Of course, Ryan happens to over hear and storms out of the Circus.

On the other side of the Circus tent, Seth & Summer watch Taylor and DD exchange a few non-pleasantries. See a bit earlier in the day, Summer told Taylor that DD was getting it on with the hot PE teacher (yeah, like that exists). Summer was hoping to provoke a lover’s quarrel. Her devious plan must have worked because Taylor was now clearly pissed and bitching out her boyfriend, er, teacher. But much to Summer’s chagrin, she and Seth are too far away to hear the conversation. Damn, I wish I went to Harbor. The best thing about my College Fair was getting the free bag to put all the catalogs in.

The next morning, Seth heads to the poolhouse for his morning oggling of Ryan. Thinking that Ryan ran away (again) after hearing what DD had to say, Seth gets that “Oh no, do I have to sail away again” look on his face.. But wait, it seems that Ryan hasn’t gone anywhere, and isn’t going anywhere…in life, because he has decided to drop out of high school. Which begs the question, if he’s not in High School in the first place, how can he drop out? Anyway, Ryan relies on his 11th grade education to determine that since Dean Dumbass F’ed with his file he’s never going to get into a college. Oh, these Newport Beach kids have got to visit the real world every once in a while.

Coop calls Summer to tell her of Ryan’s decision to quit, um, home schooling. Summer immediately jumps into action mode. She figures that if she can convince Taylor to rekindle old flames with Dean Dumbass, she & Seth can expose them and get Ryan back into Harbor. I wonder if anyone ever told Seth & Summer that they aren’t really The Ironist and Little Miss Vixen. For some reason, when anything goes wrong, these two seem to think it’s their job to jump in and save the day. Kind of bizarre if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Ryan figures that if he isn’t in school, he might as well get a job. So he hits the diner and starts pouring through the wants ads in the newspaper. Hmm, in this day and age, are we really supposed to believe that these kids have never heard of Anyway, the public school version of Ryan walks in, and offers his support of Ryan’s decision to forego college. See PSRA is going to make his mark in this world by becoming a pro surfer, yeah, because that’s a fool proof plan. Conveniently enough, PSRA’s uncle is the Captain of a Fishing Boat and he can get Ryan a job on the boat (and away from Marissa). So Ryan & public school Ryan head off for the docks.

As Kirsten, Sandy & Seth ponder the whereabouts of young Ryan, in he walks. He proceeds to inform his family that despite all their love, support, and money , he is leaving Newport…AGAIN, this time for a job on a fishing boat in the ocean. Call me crazy, but I think it’s time for Sandy & Kirsten to have a site down with their boys on the virtue of NOT running away from their problems. Sandy gets all, no you’re not…you’re not 18…you’re going back to school and doing things my way. And Ryan’s all, I’ve tried it your way and I’m still from Chino, so back the F off before I shoot you (or at least that’s how I remember the scene). Sandy furrows the brows and signs the form allowing Ryan to sail the ocean blue. Adios Chino. It was fun while it latest.

Freaking out about the thought of his hetero-lifemate abandoning him once again, Seth decides to support Summer’s plan to expose Taylor and DD’s extracurricular activities. Summer meanwhile is crafting DD’s letter to Taylor:

“You are like a warm breeze blowing down Van Nuys Blvd
From Encino to Recido there is nothing as beautiful as you
Your eyes are as blue as a smogless day…”
-The Valley, Season 1

Seth has a better plan that doesn’t involve quoting the poor man’s Laguna Beach. He bought his lady a pink, bedazzled SideKick. The plan is to text Taylor, pretending to be DD, and invite her to a rendezvous at the infamous mermaid. Which leads to the most classic line of the night:

“The Mermaid? Where Ryan may or many not conceived Theresa’s baby, and where Luke and Marissa’s mom got it on?” (Summer)

Ha! I love that girl. Marissa hears of Ryan’s plan to be Forrest Gump, and flips her shit. Coop, you and Ryan threaten to move far away from eachother every third episode, this should not be such a shocker. Later that night, in a show of support and duplicity, Sandy decides to throw Ryan a going away dinner. Marissa relunctantly shows up, but is snarky the whole time. She leaves, and Ryan follows.

The next morning Ryan has to say goodbye (again) to Sandy & Kirsten. Observation I must make…Why is it that everytime Ryan prepares to leave Newport, he has to wear his old grey hooded sweatshirt? It’s like The Cohens wouldn’t let him take all of his new clothes with him or something. Anyway, they hug and he leaves to be a Shrimp Boat Captain.

As he prepares to ship out, Coop shows up to make sure Ryan knows how she feels. Bitch is pissed. She hits him with all of her daddy issues. Seems Coop think that much like Jimmy Cooper, Ryan is a coward who has to run away. In his defense, Jimmy runs to avoid the mob; Ryan – because he has nothing better to do (and it’s been 3 episodes since either he or Marissa threatened to leave The OC, so he’s due).

Back in the Laurel & Hardy hour, Seth & Summer anxiously await the arrival of Taylor at The Mermaid. She shows, and Summer get all up in her grill and calls her on shit about smooching Dean Dumbass. Taylor’s all like, “prove it bitch”. Oh no she didn’t!!! Summer bring out the big guns with the 2nd best line of the night: “I’ve got a huge mouth and an even bigger buddy list”. Ouch! Summer, and her sidekick/boyfriend Seth, decided to call Seth’s dad to share the news about her thinamaging (Seth: “indiscretion”) with DD. Fast forward to Sandy brining his brows and his attitude to the Dean’s office. Sandy bluffs about having pics of Taylor and DD, and how much it would suck to send them to the school board. Damn! Sandy will keep said fake pics to himself if DD lets Ryan back into Harbor, and get’s the hell out of Dodge (or in this case, Newport). Dean Dumbass agrees…..Chino is back in Harbor!! Hip hip hooray!!! Hip hip hooray!!!

But is it too late? Ryan’s already left on the USS Minnow, hasn’t he? Well by the look on Coop’s face, that would be YES. Sista looks like Tara Reid on any given Thursday night (yes, Mischa Barton can look that bad). Seth & Summer come to share the good news about Ryan, but find out he’s already left. Wah wah 🙁 But wait, what is this I see? Is that a grey hooded sweatshirt in the distance? Yes!!! It’s Ryan…he’s back. Whew!!! What make Ryan change his mind? “I don’t know what my future is, but I know it’s with you, here, and not in the middle of the ocean.”…aww, he loves Coop (well, until at least sweeps). That was a close one. Seth & Summer give him the news about being back at Harbor (no more home schooling for you boy). And they all celebrate in the diner….hamburgers and fries for everyone!!! After a day full of drama, our favorite foursome retire to the beach and conspire about Ryan’s future as a bull fighter…a bounty hunter….a fluffer? HA!! Oh you kids. How I’ve missed you!!! See you next week.

In a MUCH less interesting side story……
Julie is broke….Charlotte is still around….Julie doesn’t like her (but do we know why?)….Julie wants to buy a condo, but Charlotte beats her to it, BUT…in the end, Charlotte buys the condo for Julie. Yeah, because it’s SO common for a complete stranger to buy you a phat condo on the beach. That’s not shady at all. Julie calls her on it, but Charlotte convinces Julie that she feels for her and just wants to help. Yup, that must be it. C’mon Julie Cooper-Nichol, not even you can buy that one, right???? We know Charlotte and some guy she makes out with are up to something. They think Julie’s “got the right connections, and nothing to lose”. Why, oh why, can’t someone just give Julie a break. Sista needs one!!!!


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Did you guys see this? My two favorite snarky sites, All This Nonsense and Fatback and Collards, just got busted for putting pics of Sean Preston on their sites. Oh no!!!! We love you guys. Now everyone go over their and show your love & support.

Fatback and Collards

The OC is Back…Bitches

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We’ve be on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for number one
California, here we come
Right back where we started from
Californiaaaaaaaaa….here we coooooooome

Hot damn, I can’t wait for tonight. How I’ve missed my little Newpsies….especially Julie Cooper-Nichol. One should never have to go this long without seeing that diva. Seth & Summer, my favorite little Jew-Gentile couple, I’ve really missed your antics. What have you been up to? (Having sex I hope, b/c Seth doesn’t’ seem to be getting any this season, agreed?). Coop – what hideous clothes can I expect to see you in tonight? Public High school kids usually don’t hit class rockin’ Chanel, but I’m sure you’ll fit right in. Ryan….oh my favorite Chino-ite…what I would pay to see your brood right this minute. And I would never forget about the heart & soul of The OC, Kirsten and Sandy, I just hope Kirsten dumps Charlotte out with the booze. Can you say the new Oliver??? The OC is back…The OC is back…la la la la la Why oh why do I have to wait until 8pm tonight?

Here’s TV Guide’s preview of tonight’s ep:

Another action by Dean Hess prompts The O.C.‘s Ryan to take flight — on a boat — but it’s flighty Summer to the rescue as she manufactures some leverage against the evil administrator. And while we’re not exactly sure just what evil she’s up to, Charlotte is looking coiled to strike as she maneuvers Julie into a potentially vulnerable position.

I can’t wait to take in every delicious moment of the show. I’m going to do my best to get a recap up after the show, so come back later.

For now…a few Newpie pics to keep you satisfied until tonight. Enjoy!!!

Amazing Race – I Philiminated You

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I’ve been a fan of The Amazing Race for a long time now. I mean, a big fan…I even gave up Gilmore Girls last year for it. When I first heard that TAR was going to a “family” format this season, I predicted it was going to suck, but I thought I would give it a shot…just because I’m a fan and that’s what fans do. So I tried it out, and now every Tuesday at 9pm when The Amazing Race starts it’s theme music, I’m sitting there, in front of my TV, watching My Name is Earl. I came, I saw and I left completely bummed. The family edition of The Amazing Race lacks the emotion and excitement of the traditional version. Rather than being concerned whether the team was going to pass out before reaching the top of the mountain, I found myself worrying if the kids got enough sleep or not. Jetting from country to country, never knowing where the teams were going to go next was part of the fun, now I’m concerned about the effects of the jet lag on this kids. Having kids involved is a cute idea, but not one that should have ever come to fruition on CBS. Jerry Bruckheimert should have brought this idea to Nickeloden. You know, put it on after Family Double Dare or something.

Oh and Bruckheimer and TAR producers….sorry but I really like My Name is Earl (Tues 9pm), and I LOVE The Office (Tues 9:30pm), so I can’t promise I’ll be back for The Amazing Race Season 9.

Thanks to whomever it was that gave me the Jerry Bruckheimer heads up.

Why Won’t You Watch The Office?

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I’ve been sittin at my computer for the last 20 minutes trying to think of what I could write to capture how I feel about NBC’s The Office. I happen to think it is the best comedy on TV right now. We all know that I watch a lot of TV, but The Office is the only show that makes me laugh out loud. I mean…really laugh. I came into work and tried to tell a co-worker how freakin funny last night’s episode was, but the problem is, The Office isn’t a show that’s easy to recap. There aren’t blatant jokes and punchlines. Try telling someone who doesn’t watch the show how freakin’ hysterical it was when Pam and Jim were doing the “Jets” dance behind Michael last night…the hilarity of Dwight realizing his desk had been moved into the bathroom…or the uncomfortable, but hysterical way Michael kept calling the Interns cellphone pretending to be Michael Jackson calling from Wonderland, er, Neverland. The Office just doesn’t translate well. But here I am with a huge grin on my face just thinking about it. I love this show. But why aren’t more people watching it?

The Office is a different kind of show. I think that TV audiences are used to laugh tracks and in your face comedy. For years we have been hit over the head with shows like Friends, Will & Grace & Everybody Loves Raymond. I’m not here trying to take anything away from those shows – some of the greatest comedies of our time, but they all followed a certain formula. They were sitcoms – situational comedies. For those of you who watch The Office – don’t you find it hard to characterize The Office as a sitcom? It just doesn’t seem to fit. I think this is the same problem that Arrested Development has been facing since its inception. These are shows that are hard to label and therefore hard to market. I think the networks don’t know what to do with these type of shows so they just hope and pray that an audience will find them. But why hasn’t a larger audience found The Office? It’s got a great lead-in with My Name is Earl. And we ALL know how much promotion and support NBC has given that show. Why are people tuning into Earl and leaving The Office?

I have to wonder if people just can’t relate to the situations presented in the show. My dad, a teacher for the past 35 years, never really “got” Office Space. The monotony of an office setting is something he just couldn’t relate to. Those of us who have to suffer in an office environment day after day after day know that sometimes the only way to get through the day is to make your own fun. To find the humor and absurdity in our jobs. This is what The Office is all about. It’s a window into the tragedy that is the office setting. Not everyone has a boss as ridiculous as Steve Carell’s Michael Scott, or someone as over the top as Dwight Schrute…but many of us work with someone like them. Haven’t you ever encountered a Dwight? Someone who deems himself so important to the workplace that nothing can be done without him? Someone who like to hold what little power he has over his co-workers? Isn’t this the same guy that everyone secretly laughs at? Yeah, I thought so. And Michael – the boss that is so concerned with being friends with his employees, that his responsibilities as the boss are often put aside. He wants to be the cool guy…the likeable boss. But he really just comes off as desperate and in turn garners no respect from him employees. I’ve had (have) bosses like that. And as a chick, you know I love to watch the office flirtation of Pam & Jim. It’s like a choreographed dance watching those two try to balance their office friendship with their obvious mutual crushes. Jim & Pam know they are surrounded by idiots and rely on eachother to make their pitiful jobs bearable.

So I’m rambling a bit here (but it’s my blog so I can), but my point is this – if you haven’t seen The Office just give it a shot. Just watch it for a few weeks and see if you don’t come to love it. If you’ve given it a fair shot and find that it’s not for you, let me know why.

If you’re already a fan, then you know what I’m talking about. Make sure you check out Dwight Schrute’s blog on

No Grey’s Anatomy for Me

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Remember yesterday when I was salivating at the thought of going home and watching my TiVo’d Grey’s Anatomy ep from Sunday night? Well life’s a bitch and then you die. Since the Pats played a late game on Sunday, Grey’s was pushed back. Tivo only taped half the episode. And the half I saw was DAMN good. But I also missed ALL the important parts…

…although utterly distracted by the size of Abby Morgan‘s lips, I bawled like a baby when McDreamy told her she was going to bite it. Now that was some TV. But how did it end up? Did she die? Did her fiance make it in time? Ask someone who didn’t miss the 2nd half!!!!

…when George was taking Meredith’s blood, I just wanted to hug that sweet teddy bear of a boy. Perhaps he professed his undying love and smooched her right in the ER (I guess I’ll never know).

…I’m completely cool with having Meredith drunk in every single episode. That could be her thing…she’s the alcoholic intern. Damn, I have to write for this show. But I have to wonder…did she ever sober up? Did the dirty banana bag work his magic?

…and after a week of sweating over who Ronald Miller was going to choose – I had to hear about it from the Watch With Kristin posters. People on these message boards must have a personal grudge, because they did nothing but go on and on how about how good the show was. And all I can do is sit here and mope.

So I’m in a bad mood today. Why do I have to love TV this much? Anyone have the ep online? Please…I need my Grey’s fix like Alex needed his mojo.

Veronica Mars Desperate for a Man

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According to Fatback and Collards, it seems that Kristen Bell doesn’t share Veronica Mars’ boy issues. While stalking Jason Dohring on set, I came across Kristen Bell’s diary. I took a sneak peek before I took it to the nearest copy machine so I could share it with you all.

Dear Diary,
While Veronica has the attention of her boyfriend (Duncan); the love of her life (Logan); bad boy (Weevil); and possibly her best friend (Wallace); I can’t seem to find time for a boy toy in my real life. Ain’t that a bitch…I have millions of men drooling over me every week, but b/c of the demands of the show, I can’t seem to find some lovin’. Now in a situation such as this, I have to ask “What Would Veronica Do?”. Veronica would never let herself go unsatisfied, she would definitely consider all her options. What about satisfying my cravings for the opposite sex with a little “office romance”. I mean, I do have a few possibilities:

He may be the acting equivalent of a dead fish, but Teddy Dunn (Duncan) isn’t that bad looking. He went to one of those rich boy, preppy schools outside of Boston, so he might actually be able to hold his own in a conversation. And just think…I could get paid to make out with him. That’s not a bad gig!

Maybe I should be looking for a little more gansta and a little less prep. What about Francis Capra (Weevil)? Maybe he will even wear his bad ass PCH leather biker jacket in bed. I do like leather. Weevil isn’t on the show much this season, so he might not be as convenient. Nevertheless, not to be discounted.

I have been known to crave a little jungle fever…maybe I should add Percy (Wallace) to my list of potentials. The boy may look 15, but he is legal and lookin’ for some love. I’ve seen him steal a few glances at the ass when the director calls CUT. And how can I turn away a man that can croon like Percy. Consider this one…

Although somewhat sick and twisted, I must remember that although he plays my Daddy on TV, Enrico ain’t not such thang. Anyone who has seen an ep of Veronica Mars has picked up on the “tension” between me and good ‘ol Pops. I can’t deny it’s there….why do you think I protest the “Who’s Your Daddy” line so often? I don’t want him to think of me as just his daughter…ewww. Plus, I’ve always had a thing for hot bald guys.

And finally there is Jason Dohring. For some inexplicable reason, this fool went off and got himself a wife. Those damn Scientologists…why do they have to marry so young?! Now, since he married her before Veronica Mars and I became a hit, well let’s just say I wouldn’t close the book on this boy yet. Mad chemistry on-screen can lead to some hot lovin’ behind the cameras.

Oh diary, what should I do? I need some love and affection, but I can’t let an on-set romance turn ugly…before you know it, Logan will be in a closed casket and only showing up in my dream sequences…(or so I’ve heard).


Prison Break on Hiatus? WTF???

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Enjoy Prison Break while it lasts people. My new favorite show is finishing up the first of its 13 episodes on November 28th, and then…get this….it doesn’t come back until May?! WTF? So much for my earlier post with praised Fox Mondays. Damn you!!! Fox is f-ing with my schedule because Kiefer and the kids are ready to return to CTU. SPOILER ALERT – Kiefer and his merry men are going to save the world in 24 hours!!

There is a little good news. Fox is going to air all 22 eps, so it seems that we will see Michael and the boys over the summer too. But I almost don’t care. I hate this trend of mid-season hiatus. It’s happening WAY to much. ABC just announced that Alias is being replaced for 8 weeks with Dancing with the Stars. The SpyFamily will be back after the birth of Garfleck, but I don’t want to wait that long (and yes, I’m stamping my feet and pouting). Last year I had to wait months to see Ephram’s reaction to his baby-mama drama on Everwood. And although I care much, much less, One Tree Hill took a similar break last year.

A word to the networks…You better we don’t pull a Ross & Rachel on you and find something better while we are on a “break”.


Watch these Shows Fools (or at least Veronica Mars)

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USA Today tells us what four shows are worthwhile. I’m on board with 3 out of the 4. I’ve heard great things about House, but I can’t get into it. I have WAY too many other TV commitments. But any article that touts the genius that is Veronica Mars is always good to pass along. Check out the article here.

Happy Halloween from the Crazy Kids at NBC

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Holy gastric bypass Robin! How glad is Al Roker (and the people at Rockfeller Center) that he had the surgery last year?! Without it this could have been a disaster of a Halloween. But alas, Batman (Matt Laurer) and his Robin (Al Roker) saved the world once again!! Now if they could only find a way to save us all from Ann Curry….

Although I have always hated dressing up for Halloween, I do appreciate the efforts that others go through for the day. And Katie, Matt, and Al never disappoint. Nor do Regis & Kelly (but I can’t find their pics online yet).

Katie (Marilyn Monroe) – 2005
Katie (The Donald), Al (Oprah), Matt (Paris – CLASSIC), and Ann (Annoying, overdramativ TV reporter…er, Tina Turner) – 2004

If you come across any OUTSTANDING costumes, send them in. I’ll be happy to humilate you or your friends on my site.

Will & Vaughn – For Your Viewing Pleasure

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The following post contains spoilers for Fox’s “Kitchen Confidential” – read at your own risk.

Praise Jesus! Fox has released promotional pics from Michael Vartan’s upcoming appearance on Kitchen Confidential. For me, the next best thing to a 3-way with Bradley Cooper & Michael Vartan, is seeing those two men reunited on the small screen. I wish I had better appreciated the Vaughn-Will scenes during the first few seasons of Alias. Thank goodness I can pop in the DVDs whenever I want…oh wait, someone borrowed them months ago, right! (kidding, I’m not in any rush to get them back)

Although I personally like my Vartan with a little less scruff, I’ll take him wherever I can get him. Enjoy the pics. And don’t forget to watch Michael Vartan on Kitchen Confidential on Fox, November 14th.

©2005 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Will & Vaughn – For Your Viewing Pleasure

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The following post contains spoilers for Fox’s “Kitchen Confidential” – read at your own risk.

Praise Jesus! Fox has released promotional pics from Michael Vartan’s upcoming appearance on Kitchen Confidential. For me, the next best thing to a 3-way with Bradley Cooper & Michael Vartan, is seeing those two men reunited on the small screen. I wish I had better appreciated the Vaughn-Will scenes during the first few seasons of Alias. Thank goodness I can pop in the DVDs whenever I want…oh wait, someone borrowed them months ago, right! (kidding, I’m not in any rush to get them back)

Although I personally like my Vartan with a little less scruff, I’ll take him wherever I can get him. Enjoy the pics. And don’t forget to watch Michael Vartan on Kitchen Confidential on Fox, November 14th.

©2005 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Why Monday’s Don’t Suck (as much)

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Until fairly recently, I personally couldn’t find one redeeming thing about Mondays. Having to get up early after a rough weekend, knowing that I had 5 whole days of work ahead. No thanks. But oh, how things have changed. See, being obsessed with TV means that a night’s line-up can have an affect on my day. Sad & pathetic? Maybe, but do I care? Not a bit.

Thanks to Fox, Monday’s are something I look forward to. With Arrested Development, Kitchen Confidential, and Prison Break, I can settle in for a few hours of TV that doesn’t even require me to pick up the remote.

After years of begging by Kristin Vietch, I finally tuned into Arrested Development. And I am damn glad that I did. That show is freakin’ hysterical. I have no idea what kind of crack AD’s writers are smoking, but I hope they keep smuggling that shit in b/c it’s well worth the risk. C’mon, any show with a Volvo/vulva joke in the first 10 minutes is quality!!!

Although not nearly as funny as Arrested Development, I’ve really come to like Kitchen Confidential. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to. I really only tuned into the first ep for health reasons. See, I sit in front of a computer all day, and my poor eyes are paying the price. I figured I could sooth and treat my overworked retinas by letting them focus on Bradley Cooper for a half hour a week. But to my utter surprise, I actually like Kitchen Confidential. It’s something just different enough that it doesn’t get lost among some of the other cookie cutter sitcoms. Oh, did I mention that Alias alum(?) Michael Vartan will be guest starring on an upcoming ep? Yup, Bradley and Michael…Will Tippen and Michael Vaughn…back together. You’ll understand if I want to watch that ep all alone, right?

And the show de resistance of Fox’s Monday night line-up? Prison Break. This is one of my few (ha!) not miss shows. Much like Alias, Prison Break is much more palpable when you look past the absurdity and get caught up in the suspense. For me, it has the same twist and turns that makes (or made) Alias so damn good. (Yes, I’m putting Prison Break in the same category as Alias, and as FS can attest to – that’s a big deal!). I know, I know you think my opinion is soley based on how f-ing gorgeous Wentworth Miller is, but I can assure you it’s not. He is dreamy, and the way he penetrates the camera with his eyes…damn! but, the show is “worthy” of your viewing, even without Went-worthy Miller.

So Thank You Fox for making Monday’s a little more bearable. And on behalf of women and gay men everywhere…thanks for Wentworth.

Grey’s Anatomy & the Dreaded Spoiler

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Growing up, my dad was always the guy that would spend his Saturday afternoon’s doing whatever my mom asked him to. Grocery shopping, looking at new drapes – whatever. In doing so, he missed his college football games – his favorite thing. The only thing my Dad asked was that we not turn on the radio in the car because he didn’t want to hear the scores. He would sacrifice watching the games live knowing his VCR would be ready and waiting when he got home. It was really tough to avoid the scores…he had to be careful to avoid stores with TVs or radios. Well I am having that same issue today.

I missed Grey’s Anatomy last night (a show which is quickly becoming a favorite). It’s patiently waiting for my on my Tivo for some post-work viewing. Problem is, I have to avoid my favorite websites ALL day, or risk the chance that I will run into a recap, or some commentary on McDreamy’s choice!!! This is killing me. How am I supposed to go all day without hitting the Watch with Kristin boards? An no Television Without Pity??? A girl shouldn’t have to live like this.

Until the somewhat recent infusion of Tivo’s and DVR systems, when someone posted an online “spoiler” is meant that they were divulging information on a future episode. Since DVRs allow for delayed gratification, message board posters now have to mark post-show commentary with the “spoiler” tag, or deal with the fury! But should they have to? Should those who support their shows by watching them be forced to tip toe around those of us with DVRs, right? It’s us who should have to be careful, no?

Do you think people should have to mark post-show commentary as a “spoiler”? And if yes, then for how long? What if I don’t get to Grey’s Anatomy until Wednesday (ha – like I could last that long?), do I need to stay clear of my favorite TV sites? I don’t think I could last.

And no, I don’t need any of you jackasses spoiling Grey’s for me….just in case you were planning on it 🙂 ha ha

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