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GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘Almost Grown’

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This is either going to be the easiest GREY’S ANATOMY recap I’ve ever written, or the hardest. Why? Because very little actually happened this week. Seriously, if I wanted to I could sum up the entire episode in just a couple of sentences. But I suppose you want a little more than that, don’t you, fellow GREY’S lovers? I’ll do what I can for you…
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GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘Can’t Fight Biology’

I’m not sure what surprised me more about this week’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY: the fact that April and Jackson got plotlines of their very own, or that I’m actually starting to like April. It pains me to admit it because ever since McDreamy rehired her last season, the girl has been nothing but a wimpy blur of uselessness to the point where I wish it had been April instead of Reed who got killed by the crazy gunman. Reed was bitchy, but she had substance and I respected her. April – not so much. Until now.

Her budding friendship with Meredith is doing her a world of good. Meredith has her flaws, but one of the great things about her is she doesn’t worry much about what others think, a quality that seems to be rubbing off on April. When Cristina and Meredith poke fun at her virgin uterus (no pun intended), it’s nice to see her confidently join in the banter and find the ability to laugh at herself. It’s the first time she’s really seemed like part of the group.

Lexie is somewhat less happy than I am about April becoming one of the gang. Suddenly April has moved into the good bedroom in the house and is talking about putting up a chore wheel. More significantly, Meredith is confiding in April about her reproductive problems while Lexie is out of the loop. Lexie’s perceived rivalry with April sheds light on some interesting parallels between the two, since April is kind of like a much more annoying version of Lexie from back in the day. Their story this week lets us see how much Lexie’s character has evolved over the years – she’s gone from being the meek and timid one herself to being assertive enough to tell Meredith she feels brushed aside and alone during one of the most stressful times of her life. Meredith reassures Lexie that this is not the case and she is not alone. If this was an episode of Full House, emotional music would be swelling up right about now, and someone would say something like “You’ll always be my sister and I will always love you no matter what!” This is GREY’S, however, so instead we get something more like “It’s completely normal that you feel like running people over with cars now and then.” Still a cute scene though.

Speaking of Meredith’s health issues, we find out that she’ll have a hard time becoming a mother because her uterus is hostile due to “massive baby-squishing fibroids”. This news, along with a patient who will eventually die of Huntington’s Disease, propels her into a might-as-well-see-what-else-is-wrong mood, and she decides to get tested for the Alzheimer’s gene to find out if she’ll end up like her mother. Derek, however, decides that all this medical testing is a total buzzkill and that they should just live and stop worrying about what life may or may not throw at them. Meredith smiles and agrees. Who can resist that good old McDreamy hair optimism?

The only other significant plotline this episode involves Jackson, who turns on the charm in a major way in order to get Teddy to let him assist with a surgery. He even conveniently allows her to see him with his shirt off, at which point I completely stop paying attention because HOT DAMN that boy’s got abs! Does he LIVE at the gym? Oh look at that, I drooled a little bit. Focus, girl. Back to the show… So for most of the episode, his flirty eyes and magical muscle tone appear to be working, until Teddy shockingly calls him out and firmly tells him that he is a smart and capable guy and shouldn’t be relying on tactics like flirting to get ahead. You tell him, Teddy. Now do me a favor and keep talking to him for a while so the shirtless scene can last as long as possible.

Other odds and ends: Cristina and Owen buy a house with a fireman’s pole, Chief Webber wants to put Derek on a billboard to promote the hospital, and Callie and Arizona continue their string of non-issues with a plotline about how Arizona doesn’t like Mark because he always stares at her boobs. In the end she decides that yes, Mark is a pig, but he’s a nice pig and he’s Callie’s best friend so she had better find a way to like him too.

Overall it wasn’t the most eventful GREY’S, but it was a pretty good filler episode as filler episodes go, and next week looks to be more on the heavy side so for now the fluff is fine with me.

What did you all think? Do you think Teddy and Jackson would ever actually hook up? How do you feel about the direction April’s character is going? Let us know in the comments section below!

GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘Superfreak’

Gather round everyone, it’s exposure therapy time on GREY’S ANATOMY. Could you directly confront the one thing that scares you the most? ‘Cause that’s what it’s all about for doctors and patients alike in this week’s episode.

For some of our Seattle Gracers, that means dealing with some residual phobias leftover from the shooting. Alex, for example, has developed a fear of elevators after nearly bleeding to death in one. Fortunately Chief Webber is able to cure him pretty quickly by making him ride it until he’s not so much afraid of elevators as he is sick of them.

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GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘Shock to The System’

Two episodes into the new season of GREY’S ANATOMY, and things are thankfully starting to calm down a bit.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the intensity of last week’s episode (not to mention last season’s finale).  GREY’s has always done very well with intense storylines, and some of the series’ finest episodes have been its most suspenseful (bomb in a man’s chest, anyone?), but after all the emotion of the shooting and its aftermath, it was comforting to see them strike a lighter tone this week.  It felt like good old classic GA, complete with witty banter and angsty patients.

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GREY’S ANATOMY: Can We Talk About ‘With You I’m Born Again’?

Well, say what you will about the 7th season premiere of GREY’S ANATOMY, but you can’t accuse them of not dealing with the aftermath of the trauma inflicted on everyone in the finale.  No magical TV fix here – a month after the incident (which, thanks to Lexie, we know officially qualifies as a “mass murder”) all of the characters are dealing with some pretty heavy post-traumatic stress.  Let’s recap, shall we?

The bad news for our favorite surgeons is that they must be cleared by a therapist (played by James Tupper) before they’re allowed back to work in the OR.  The good news is that the therapist is YUMMY.  I know surgery is their life and all, but if I were one of them I might not be in a hurry to recover…

Not that most of them are recovering quickly anyway.  Lexie in particular has had such a rough time that she suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be committed to the psych ward.  50 hours of drugged-up sleep later, she’s back to normal, although now she seems a bit TOO calm.  It’s creepy.  The one positive here is that her hair is brown again – I never really bought her as a blonde.  Oh, and the other positive is that she totally tells off Alex (who’s back to his usual jackass self) for being a jerk despite the fact that (or maybe because) she saved his life.

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