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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: How About a Friendly Shrink

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Hey, guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed your day off (if you did have the day off) and enjoyed the Globes last night. Over on ABC Desperate Housewives was new last night as well. Did you watch? If not, here’s a quick catch up on what you missed.

Now that Juanita has started private school, Gabby has a lot of free time. When she finds out that Juanita is in the leopard group she pressures Susan to tell her if that is the advanced group or not. Susan doesn’t even know for sure so Gabby tracks down the kids’ homework to find out who is more advanced. I thought this was typical Gabby. I find it hard to believe that she was the first person to try to crack the code however.

Orson is still behaving like a jerk towards Bree. I understand that he is upset and facing a hard new life but he should at least show a little respect towards Bree. His attitude is getting very annoying very fast.

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Hey everyone, I hope you had a great week! Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives built on the resolutions of the plane crash and paved the way for what’s to come during the second half of the season.

After talking to her priest, Bree decides that the only way she can atone for her affair with the now deceased Karl is to talk care of Orson now that Orson is paralyzed. Orson, however, has other ideas and becomes a border in Karen’s house until Bree basically kidnaps him and forces him to live with her. By the end of the episode, Orson has decided that the best way to punish Bree is to make her his servant; this obviously won’t end well. I have a feeling that Orson and Bree are still headed for divorce.

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Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Holiday season! Desperate Housewives is back after a month long hiatus and we finally know the outcome of the plane crash. If you haven’t yet seen the show you might want to stop reading right about now as the big reveal about who survived and who didn’t is going to be discussed. Just wanted to warn you.

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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Would I Think of Suicide?

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Tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives is the last one before the big [highlight to read spoiler:] plane crash episode! I personally can’t wait because I’ve heard through the grapevines that [highlight to read spoiler:] at least one major character dies.

Carlos isn’t giving in to Lynette’s pleas to keep her current job. After Gabby refuses to intervene Lynette decides to sue. Of course, Gabby and Carlos decide to give her back her job right before they’re served. Carlos then sets Lynette up to fail so he can fire her. It looks like Gabby and Lynette are going to be having some issues for a while after this, especially now that Tom and Lynette have no income and are expecting twins. This storyline is starting to get a little boring to me and I’m ready for it to be over.

Katherine is trying to get to Susan and Mike through MJ. She even goes so far as to kidnap him from his school. Mike confronts her and makes it clear that Susan has always been the one for him. Katherine stabs herself in an attempt to hurt Mike. Her self injury was definitely unexpected and takes her craziness to a new level. I’m interested to see how much further she’ll go.

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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Careful the Things You Say

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Hey everyone, I hope everything is going well. Personally, I have a crazy week this week, which is why this review is a little late.

Lynette is the first besides Danny to find out about Julie’s affair with Nick. Nick threatens Lynette to keep the secret but Lynette knows better and, after talking to Julie, decides to go to the police. The police are understandably suspicious that Nick is the one who strangled Julie. Angie covers for him, however, but makes it clear that if Nick cheats on her again, she’ll make him pay.

Gabby is having trouble home schooling Juanita (never saw that one coming). Carlos is being a tool and refuses to allow Gabby to hire a tutor since she’s her mother and should be the ones teaching her things. Carlos’s logic on this one is completely ridiculous. Both Juanita and Gabby would benefit from someone qualified and patient teaching Juanita instead of Gabby. Which is what led Gabby to asking her maid to help. Who conveniently has a PhD in engineering. Something’s up with her.

Susan is trying to get the investigation into who strangled Julie moved along. She gets a new detective assigned to the case, only for it to be an old high school rival. Which of course ends with Susan being arrested after the detective befriends Katherine. The ending shot of Susan reading Crime and Punishment was a little confusing- I’m sure that will be touched upon next episode.

After an awkward dinner party with the Bolens Bree gets the idea to serve Italian for a catering job. After talking Angie into giving her her recipe Bree gets caught and is forced to hire Angie. I feel like this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

That’s it for today! Tell me what you thought below.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Don’t Walk on the Grass

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Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good Halloween. There was a new episode of Desperate Housewives tonight and tensions are starting to rise among the housewives as things become less black and white and move into a grey zone.

Juanita was in a school play and accidentally uttered a certain four-letter word when she forgot her line. The principal laid out Juanita’s punishment and Gabby got defensive and over- reacted. Of course this ended badly and Juanita is now being home schooled. Gabby thought what she did was best but in reality all she did was hurt Juanita. I can see why Gabby reacted the way she did; the principal’s punishment was completely unfair. I can also see why Juanita was so upset, however, since she now is kicked out of school.

Tom came home wasted one night and from there Lynette began to notice some odd behavior on his part. It turns out that he is bribing some underclassmen to get him answers to his midterm exam. Lynette was furious and Tom pointed out her own dishonesty about her pregnancy. I side with Lynette on this one; not telling someone your pregnant is very different from cheating on a major exam. Tom could very well get kicked out school for his actions.

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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid

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Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives. If any of you have seen pictures of what’s coming up during November sweeps I’m guessing you’re just as ridiculously excited for it as I am.

In this episode, Gabby was accused of being a bad mother. Gabby certainly doesn’t go above and beyond but I would hesitate to label her as a bad mother. I personally don’t see why two seven year olds need to be constantly watched on a play date. And the monkey scene was completely ridiculous. I highly doubt that all the mothers would leave at a birthday party except one.

Katherine is going further off the deep end and now Susan is aware of it. And after shooting Katherine in the arm, albeit accidently, Katherine has one over on Susan. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover

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Last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives is all about the past and how it comes back to haunt you. Gabby’s former lover John is back to cause some problems between Gabby and Carlos and the Bolens are desperately trying to hide their problematic past.

John Rowland is back in town and now owns a restaurant. And who applies for a hostess job there? Ana, of course. John goes to visit Carlos to ask for his permission to hire his niece and he gets it, albeit reluctantly. John’s reemergence immediately causes tension for Carlos and Gabby. Carlos thinks Gabby still has some semblance of feelings for John based on her reaction to the news that John hired Ana to work in his restaurant. In typical Gabby style she proves her point by making a scene; her speech to Carlos in the restaurant was dramatic but she proved her point. And I believed her- until she whipped out a hidden photo of her and John later on. I’m hoping she doesn’t end up back in bed with John but I have a feeling that I’m going to be disappointed.

Carlos offered Lynette a new job as senior vice president; a job that comes with a company car, an expense account, and a 50% salary bump. Lynette of course accepts, only for Carlos to immediately reveal that he chose her because the other candidate was pregnant. Lynette now has no choice but to hide her pregnancy from both Carlos and Gabby until she can prove that she’s able to handle her new position. There’s no way this is going to end well. Carlos is certainly going to find out sooner rather then later but I don’t think he’ll be legally able to fire her. Lynette’s decision to keep this a secret from Gabby is also likely to cause tension.

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Can I start by saying how relieved I am that Julie seems to be on the mend? I missed her last season and I’m glad she seems to be sticking around for the whole season. And most likely playing a major part in the mystery about who exactly strangled her. It also seems like Julie is entangled in the Bowen family mystery. My guess is that the boy she told Lynette about is Danny Bowen. I’m not convinced that he’s the one who strangled her though; that seems a little too obvious to me especially since he was arrested at the end of tonight’s episode. Now for something that I’ve been wondering about since last week; exactly how old is Danny? I assumed he was in his late teens and that makes any relationship with Julie inappropriate since I thought Julie was around 23-25? And if Danny is that old, his relationship with Anna is inappropriate since she’s in her teens. The five-year jump still has me confused as far as ages go so leave your thoughts below.

I’m enjoying Katherine as a woman on the verge. Her statement to Orson about Mike making a pass was ridiculous but Orson’s disbelieving reaction was hilarious. I think Katherine’s about to get a lot more crazy and I can’t wait.

Lynette’s confession about her pregnancy to Susan was moving. Her admittance that she wasn’t sure she wanted these babies was what she needed be able to realize that she did want them. Susan’s understanding even with Julie in the hospital showed how good of friends they are.

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Hey everyone! Sorry this review is so late; I’ve had a nasty stomach bug for the last few days. No worries though; I feely almost completely better and I’m here to talk about Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives. Before I do, though, let me say that I hope you all had a fantastic summer. I know I did. As much as I love TV, it’s nice to take a break sometimes.

After a long summer of waiting, we finally found out who it is that was ‘under the veil’ in last season’s finale of Desperate Housewives: Susan! I personally was glad that it was her. I hate it when writers drag romances like Susan and Mike’s out when you know they’re going to end up together down the road. And since we never really got to see that much of Susan and Mike as a happily married couple I’m looking forward to that.

Once we moved past that big reveal, I thought the premiere just kept getting better and better. It seems like all our housewives have interesting storylines this season: Gabby and her troublesome niece, Lynette pregnant again- with twins!, Katherine as a woman on the verge, and Bre engaging in a very un-Bre like affair.

As for the newest additions to Wisteria Lane, Drea De Matteo and her family, they seem very interesting. I’m curious what those scars were on Angie’s back. My first thought was that it was the boar headed creature from True Blood until I reminded myself that Desperate Housewives and True Blood are not the same show. I’m also curious how Angie’s son already knows Julie well enough to be fighting with her.

Which brings us to the biggest shock of the night; Julie was strangled, almost to death, at the end of the episode setting up this season’s mystery. I’m hoping she doesn’t really die next week; I really like Julie’s character and missed her last season. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out and I’ll see you all back here next week!

Tricia will be reviewing Desperate Housewives for you again this year. She’s a sophomore at a SUNY College located in Western NY and loves everything TV.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Season Finale: Everbody Says Don’t

A round of applause for Tricia who has so kindly taken on the task of reviewing DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES every week for us.  I am so thankful for her contributions and I’m happy that she’ll be covering the show for us next year too.  And thanks to all of you that were part of the DH community here on GMMR. Kudos!


Hey everyone! Tonight was the season finale of Desperate Housewives and it was full of shocks and had quite the cliffhanger ending. Before we get to that, however, I want to talk about the other events of tonight’s episode.

Orson discovered Bree’s storage unit last episode and used it to threaten Bree in order to prevent her from divorcing him. Bree, however, no longer has any interest in Orson. In fact, it looks like Bree’s newest love interest is none other then Susan’s ex- husband Karl. This really came out of nowhere, but I’m excited to see where it goes next season. They’re so wrong for each other that they just might work. First Bree has to get rid of Orson though, which I’m sure will be a major part of next season.

Carlos’s teenaged niece is in need of a home and Carlos convinces Gabby to take her in. She’s trouble from the beginning; in no time at all she has the Scavo boys over doing her chores. In fact, it seems like this is a reoccurring theme for her. She has a closet full of designer clothes from various “boyfriends”. Taking in a troubled teenager is a clichéd storyline but this looks like it could have potential for next season. Especially since she’s so perceptive; there’s no doubt in my mind that Gabby is jealous of the attention she attracts from men.

When visiting a college with one of the twins, Tom decides that he wants to return to college to major in, wait for it, Chinese. Lynette, of course, is against this and attempts to use tequila to stop Tom from getting into the school. Once he explains his reasoning behind his choice of major, however, Lynette is all for his return to academia. You see, it appears Tom is smarter then we thought and wants to learn Chinese so he can break into the Chinese market. It’s actually a very good idea. Too bad it’s probably never going to happen. At the end of the episode, Lynette discovers that not only is she pregnant, she’s having twins. Again. I’m excited for this storyline; having two new babies just in time for November sweeps will give Tom and Lynette new challenges as they juggle work and teenagers with their new babies.

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One of the best things about Desperate Housewives is that it’s able to seamlessly balance ordinary, everyday stories with melodramatic, over-the- top ones. Tonight, Gabby was trying to show Juanita that beauty is on the inside, not the out, while, at the same time, Susan is dangerously close to being ensnared by Dave.

After being bullied by some girls at school Juanita decided to wear makeup to school. One little problem with this; she’s only six. What follows is the classic confrontation between mothers and daughters over how old is old enough to wear makeup. Gabby, of course, says that Juanita is too young and, after some pressure from Carlos, agrees to go makeup less to a big dinner. It’s then that she realizes how hard it is to have enough confidence to go out without makeup. She’s finally able to reach out to Juanita. I thought the acting and writing for this plotline was great. For something so ordinary and almost cliché, Desperate Housewives really stepped up its game and made it compelling.

Tom and Lynette have decided to try to have sex everyday for 30 days. At first, it’s working great until work starts to catch up with Lynette and she’s falls asleep during sex. Tom freaks out, of course, and confides to Lynette that the only reason he wants to do this is because the only thing he has in his life that he’s passionate about is Lynette. I was annoyed with Tom until he made this confession. I can see how staying at home while your spouse works insane hours would wear someone down. Add that to the fact that he just had to give up his dream when he sold the pizzeria. Tom and Lynette need to work this out before Tom acts out and does something that he’ll regret.

Karl was back tonight as Bree’s new divorce attorney. Bree’s worried about her business and needs a lawyer as shady as Karl to help hide her assets. I’ve been hearing rumors that Bree will share a kiss with someone from the past before the end of the season and I’m curious as to whether or not that certain someone is Karl.

Jackson was also back tonight with a surprising proposal for Susan. It turns out he’s about to be deported back to Canada and needs to get married ASAP. Susan, of course, manages to humiliate herself by confessing that she’s still in love with him before he makes it clear that this is just business. I think Susan is just going to end up getting hurt by this. There’s nothing in it for her but heartbreak. And to top it off, Dave is trying to lure her and MJ away from Fairport so he can get revenge either by hurting her, MJ, or both of them.

Mike and Katherine are at a point in their relationship where it would be logical for them to take the next step. Katherine gets MJ to bring up marriage, which leads to Mike’s declaration that he doesn’t intend to marry again. Katherine is hurt, of course, and where they’re going from here up in the air.

Tell me what you thought of tonight’s episode below!

Tricia is your Desperate Housewives girl this year. She’s from upstate New York and is currently a freshman in college. She’s also a hardcore TV fan; check out her homemade TV schedule:


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After saying goodbye to Edie last week, Desperate Housewives was back tonight to deal with the aftermath of her death. Everyone’s pretty shaken up, but no one more so than Dave.

After nearly strangling Edie to death and then causing her to hit a pole while she fled in terror Dave is understandably feeling a little guilty. All of the ladies take their turn trying to reach out to him, and it’s Susan who finally succeeds. While trying to comfort him, she admits that it was her who was driving, not Mike, when they hit and killed Dave’s wife and daughter. The look on his face after she admitted this was horrifying. And, after the scene at the end of the episode, I’m afraid for MJ. Dave certainly seemed like he was planning something. Hurting MJ would be the thing that would hurt Susan the most and that’s what Dave seems to be aiming for.

Bree is finally starting to seriously consider divorce. Orson’s behavior has been out of line for quite some time and his latest stunt resulted in Edie’s death. Honestly, I’m surprised that Bree has put up with him for this long. She’s an independent woman with a successful business who certainly does not need to answer to a resentful husband. I sincerely hope that Bree will move forward with her decision to look into divorce.

Gabby is having trouble adjusting to the fact that all of her friends have gone back to work while she remains at home with her children. As a result, she’s been growing closer to Tom, who is a new stay at home dad. I think Gabby’s storyline with the garden club has potential. After all, Gabby’s at her best when she’s in control.

That’s it for tonight folks! I’m really excited for Jackson to be back next week to make things a little more complicated. Tell me what you thought of this episode below as well as what you’re most looking forward to leading up to the finale.

Tricia is your Desperate Housewives girl this year. She’s from upstate New York and is currently a freshman in college. She’s also a hardcore TV fan; check out her homemade TV schedule:

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Look Into Their Eyes and You Will See What They Know

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Hey everyone! Desperate Housewives was back tonight with a tribute episode to Edie, who, after several brushes with death, finally bit the dust. Each of the housewives took time to reminiscence about some of their more positive experiences with Edie throughout the years. Each scenario had a common theme; Edie using her unique personality to help each housewife through a difficult time in their life.

The format of this episode reminded me of the 100th episode; I didn’t think this episode was nearly as good though. Edie’s narration wasn’t working for me, especially at the end when the ladies were scattering her ashes. It got way too corny. I’m not sure what exactly was off with this episode. The plot just seemed way too contrived for me. The whole, “let’s take turns telling stories about Edie” especially felt contrived. And, throughout the whole episode, I couldn’t help but wonder why Traver’s father wasn’t the one telling him that Edie died. The ladies barely knew him and to just show up at his boarding school was a little bizarre. Speaking of Travers, he’s grown up quite a bit! I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him.

Now for the positive. I absolutely loved the Gabby versus Edie competition in the bar. Both Nicolette Sheridan and Eva Longoria Parker looked great and were at the top of their game. Watching a single Gabby duke it out with Edie was hilarious. The scene on the playground wasn’t bad either, although Edie’s premonition of her early death was a little melodramatic.

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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: A Spark To Pierce the Dark

Hi guys! It’s Tricia here to recap what appears to be Edie’s swan song on Desperate Housewives. Although, I have to say, that woman has as many lives as a cat. First she escaped being strangled by Dave, only to jump in the car and swerve into a pole. No worries though; she was able to walk out of the car. She seemed to have finally have met her end when she was electrocuted by a live wire, however, at the end of the episode her hand seemed to be moving. Of course, we now have to wait until the next episode to find out if she’s really dead. I personally loved this entire sequence. It was fitting that Edie would get quite the dramatic end. If she’s actually dead that is.

If Edie is dead then Orson is going to have some explaining to do. He was the one who caused Edie to swerve after he ran into the street when he was caught robbing a neighbor’s house. He’s excusing his behavior by saying that Bree isn’t playing enough attention to him. He even wants her to sell her company. He’s being an even bigger baby then Tom. None of the husbands on this show seem to be able to handle having successful wives. Not that Orson is going to have a successful wife if he keeps his behavior up. I’m sure Bree will begin to contemplate divorce after his latest actions.

Carlos and Lynette are being kept later and later at work thanks to Carlos’s ex, Lucy, who he hired last episode. Gabby is at her wit’s end after a two week long “dry spell”. Lynette gets Carlos to see that Lucy is being unreasonable. To be honest, this storyline barely held my attention. The one thing I liked about it was the scene where Gabby tries to make Tom her replacement friend since Bree, Lynette, and Susan have all gone back to work. Seeing Gabby trying to get Tom to dish out the gossip was hilarious.

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