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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Hey Everyone! So tonight was the big “ I kissed a girl” episode of Desperate Housewives and I have to say, I’m impressed with the way it was handled. After hearing that Susan was going to share a kiss with a woman and then seeing the previews I was afraid this was going to be some huge gimmick. Instead, it contributed to an actual storyline. Impressive! After a shaky day at work, Susan finds out that her boss will be writing a performance review about her soon. In order to get in her good graces, Susan invites her over for dinner and manages to send all the wrong signals. Her boss, who happens to be a lesbian, goes in for the kiss at the end of the night. This leads to an awkward conversation at work but Susan and her boss manage to decide to be just friends.

Gabby is surprised when Carlos tells her he hired an ex- girlfriend. She’s even more surprised when she discovers that his ex- girlfriend is considerably heavier then her and was when Carlos dated her. Gabby gets nervous and manages to get a job for Lynette working for Carlos so that Lynette can keep an eye on him. This is fine for Lynette, however, as she’s being confronted with ageism while searching for a job. I thought Gabby’s surprise at the appearance of Carlos’s ex- girlfriend was shallow but expected. I, like Gabby, thought Carlos went for looks. It was a pleasant surprise to find out he has more depth then that. I was also angry for Lynette. The comments those two women made in the office were appalling. People shouldn’t be judged by their age but rather by their value.

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Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks. Desperate Housewives is back this week after a short winter break and some major developments are getting set into motion.

Katherine and Susan are trying to remain friends even though Katherine has just moved in with Mike. All goes well until Susan spots a painting of a beach from her and Mike’s honeymoon over Katherine’s fireplace. When Susan gives Katherine the back-story on the painting Katherine takes it down. At first, Susan is upset and goes to Mike but she then realizes how hard this situation is on Katherine. In a surprisingly mature act, Susan storms over to Mike’s and insists that he give the painting back. Katherine, of course, is grateful that Susan is backing off of the situation. I was extremely proud of Susan after this. She’s really taken a turn for the better this season. It seems like losing Mike has helped her grow up.

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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: In a World Where the Kings Are Employers

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Desperate Housewives was new again last night and it looks like we’re setting up for a major confrontation between Dave and Mike. Not much else happened in this episode though. I liked but thought it was uneventful overall.

Susan is angry at how much time MJ has been spending with Katherine lately. It’s about to get a lot worse too; Katherine and Mike will be moving in together soon. This storyline made me realize how forced their relationship seems. We all know Mike and Susan are going to end up with each other in the end and it seems like we’re only bidding time right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that Katherine’s finally been given something to do, but at the same time it might have been better off for Katherine to have left the show after the end of last season. That way she would have gone out strong and wouldn’t have had to slowly fade away the way she is now. I have a feeling that she’ll be a big part of the Dave revenge plot coming up though, which I’m really excited for.

Tom and Lynette are about to lose the pizzeria so Tom gets the bright idea of replacing the wait staff with his own children. They of course aren’t so keen on this idea but do it anyway. All this leads up to Tom violently confronting one of the kids when they don’t want to wait on their classmates. My thought on this is that Tom is being a big baby as usual. He needs to step and recognize that his business is failing and if he doesn’t sell it he and his family are going to lose everything. And I thought Lynette was ridiculous at the end. I know that Tom was upset that he was losing his dream but he had just assaulted one of their children. She needed to confront him, not make out with him.

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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Mama Spent Money When She Had None

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Desperate Housewives is back this week and the ladies have money on the brain.

Carlos has managed to pay off the credit card debt that he and Gabby have rung up over the years and to celebrate he wants to take Gabby out to a fancy dinner. She wants to wear the red dress she wore when he proposed but can’t fit into it. That’s when she hears about the extreme boot camp that Edie used to lose five pounds in one day. She quickly joins and we’re treated to a hilarious as well as heart- warming subplot. The camp is so over the top that it’s perfect for the ladies of Wisteria Lane. There’s a contract to be signed and a former Israeli soldier as the instructor. And, of course, in typical Gabby fashion she quits after only one class. But that isn’t about to stop crazy instructor; he brings the boot camp to Gabby. And that’s where the heart- warming comes in: Edie tells Gabby that the women have come over to her house to support her since they know how much it would mean for her to fit into her dress. Gabby rejoins and manages to look great in her dress. She realizes, however, that things aren’t exactly how they used to be; she’s a much better person now.

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Desperate Housewives: The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened

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Let me just start with this: I think that this might have been the best Desperate Housewives episode ever. Really. The writing was fantastic and it the perfect 100th episode. Can you believe that it’s been 100 episodes? It feels like just yesterday that I was watching the premiere and loving it.

The concept of this episode was each of the girls’ having flashbacks that were based around times their handyman, Eli Scruggs helped them through difficult times in their lives. The episode kicked off with Eli announcing his retirement and fixing a loose shingle on Susan’s roof right before he suffered a heart attack. Juanita found him an hour later. Over a poker game, the girls’ began to remember the times he helped them.

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Tonight’s Desperate Housewives was all new and full of ungrateful and disrespecting children. Or at least it seemed that way to me. We also saw the conclusion of the Porter storyline, some out of character moments, and Edie and Dave reconciling. All this is leading up to next week’s one-hundredth episode.

Carlos has gone back to work and the girls are out of control. When I said above that this episode was full of ungrateful children I was mostly referring to Juanita and Celia. In my opinion they’re two of the most badly behaved children on TV. It actually got to the point where it was annoying to even watch them on the TV. The entire storyline feels old as well. It seems like Tom and Lynette have had a similar storyline before. There’s really no need to recycle storylines when Gabby is such a dynamic character.

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and New Year’s. And what better way is there to usher in 2009 than the return of all our favorite shows? So without further ado, here’s the first Desperate Housewives review of 2009.

This episode was full of major plot developments. Chief among them was the assumed end of Edie and Dave’s marriage. After discovering Dave talking to himself in the middle of the night Edie confronts him and demands to know who he was talking to. After admitting that not only was he married before but that his wife died Edie told him to get his things and get out of “her house”. I was extremely proud of Edie yet surprised by this decision. Dave is obviously a lunatic but Edie has appeared to be oblivious to this all season. But she must have had some idea since she was so quick to end things with Dave.

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