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CASTLE, ONCE UPON A TIME, COUGAR TOWN and More: Check Out Some ABC Behind-the-Scenes Pictures!

Want a sneak peek of what goes down behind-the-scenes of your favorite ABC shows? Take a look at some photos from production this week’s episodes of BODY OF PROOF, CASTLE, COUGAR TOWN, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, GREY’S ANATOMY, HAPPY ENDINGS, LAST MAN STANDING, ONCE UPON A TIME, PAN AM, PRIVATE PRACTICE, SUBURGATORY, and THE MIDDLE…

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: James Denton Teases the Fallout From Susan and Carlos’ Confession to Mike

October 16, 2011 by  
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Only on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES would a murder cover-up be preferable to an affair. But that’s the situation for Mike Delfino, who was convinced his wife, Susan was cheating on him with his good buddy Carlos. Instead, they finally admitted to him in the last episode that they weren’t sleeping together — Carlos had actually killed […]

Could Dana Delany Return to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Before the Series Concludes?

With DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES heading into its final season, speculation is sure to heat up about what these last episodes will consist of. At Sunday’s ABC TCA executive session, a reporter asked DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES creator Marc Cherry about whether the show might find a way to bring back Edie’s storyline (but not specifically Nicolette Sheridan) and […]


August 7, 2011 by  
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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is nearing its end. ABC announced at their TCA executive session that the long-running nighttime soap will air its series finale at the conclusion of the 2011-2012 season. What can fans expect from the final season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Doug Savant Talks About Tom and Lynette’s Marriage Troubles

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES concludes its season Sunday night, and one of the show’s most solid couples is hitting their roughest patches yet. Tom and Lynette have struggled through a lot — a secret kid, unplanned pregnancies, the death of a child, cancer and much more — but Tom’s new job is causing major tension between the […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: How About a Friendly Shrink

Hey, guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed your day off (if you did have the day off) and enjoyed the Globes last night. Over on ABC Desperate Housewives was new last night as well. Did you watch? If not, here’s a quick catch up on what you missed. Now that Juanita has started private school, Gabby […]


Hey everyone, I hope you had a great week! Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives built on the resolutions of the plane crash and paved the way for what’s to come during the second half of the season. After talking to her priest, Bree decides that the only way she can atone for her affair with […]


January 4, 2010 by  
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Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Holiday season! Desperate Housewives is back after a month long hiatus and we finally know the outcome of the plane crash. If you haven’t yet seen the show you might want to stop reading right about now as the big reveal about who survived and who […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Would I Think of Suicide?

Tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives is the last one before the big [highlight to read spoiler:] plane crash episode! I personally can’t wait because I’ve heard through the grapevines that [highlight to read spoiler:] at least one major character dies. Carlos isn’t giving in to Lynette’s pleas to keep her current job. After Gabby refuses […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Careful the Things You Say

Hey everyone, I hope everything is going well. Personally, I have a crazy week this week, which is why this review is a little late. Lynette is the first besides Danny to find out about Julie’s affair with Nick. Nick threatens Lynette to keep the secret but Lynette knows better and, after talking to Julie, […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Don’t Walk on the Grass

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good Halloween. There was a new episode of Desperate Housewives tonight and tensions are starting to rise among the housewives as things become less black and white and move into a grey zone. Juanita was in a school play and accidentally uttered a certain four-letter word when […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives. If any of you have seen pictures of what’s coming up during November sweeps I’m guessing you’re just as ridiculously excited for it as I am. In this episode, Gabby was accused of being a bad mother. Gabby certainly […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover

Last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives is all about the past and how it comes back to haunt you. Gabby’s former lover John is back to cause some problems between Gabby and Carlos and the Bolens are desperately trying to hide their problematic past. John Rowland is back in town and now owns a restaurant. […]


Can I start by saying how relieved I am that Julie seems to be on the mend? I missed her last season and I’m glad she seems to be sticking around for the whole season. And most likely playing a major part in the mystery about who exactly strangled her. It also seems like Julie […]