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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: How About a Friendly Shrink

Hey, guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed your day off (if you did have the day off) and enjoyed the Globes last night. Over on ABC Desperate Housewives was new last night as well. Did you watch? If not, here’s a quick catch up on what you missed. Now that Juanita has started private school, Gabby […]


Hey everyone, I hope you had a great week! Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives built on the resolutions of the plane crash and paved the way for what’s to come during the second half of the season. After talking to her priest, Bree decides that the only way she can atone for her affair with […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Would I Think of Suicide?

Tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives is the last one before the big [highlight to read spoiler:] plane crash episode! I personally can’t wait because I’ve heard through the grapevines that [highlight to read spoiler:] at least one major character dies. Carlos isn’t giving in to Lynette’s pleas to keep her current job. After Gabby refuses […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Careful the Things You Say

Hey everyone, I hope everything is going well. Personally, I have a crazy week this week, which is why this review is a little late. Lynette is the first besides Danny to find out about Julie’s affair with Nick. Nick threatens Lynette to keep the secret but Lynette knows better and, after talking to Julie, […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Don’t Walk on the Grass

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good Halloween. There was a new episode of Desperate Housewives tonight and tensions are starting to rise among the housewives as things become less black and white and move into a grey zone. Juanita was in a school play and accidentally uttered a certain four-letter word when […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives. If any of you have seen pictures of what’s coming up during November sweeps I’m guessing you’re just as ridiculously excited for it as I am. In this episode, Gabby was accused of being a bad mother. Gabby certainly […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover

Last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives is all about the past and how it comes back to haunt you. Gabby’s former lover John is back to cause some problems between Gabby and Carlos and the Bolens are desperately trying to hide their problematic past. John Rowland is back in town and now owns a restaurant. […]


Can I start by saying how relieved I am that Julie seems to be on the mend? I missed her last season and I’m glad she seems to be sticking around for the whole season. And most likely playing a major part in the mystery about who exactly strangled her. It also seems like Julie […]


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Hey everyone! Sorry this review is so late; I’ve had a nasty stomach bug for the last few days. No worries though; I feely almost completely better and I’m here to talk about Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives. Before I do, though, let me say that I hope you all had a fantastic summer. I […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Season Finale: Everbody Says Don’t

A round of applause for Tricia who has so kindly taken on the task of reviewing DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES every week for us.  I am so thankful for her contributions and I’m happy that she’ll be covering the show for us next year too.  And thanks to all of you that were part of the DH […]


Tonight was the penultimate episode of Desperate Housewives fifth season. Usually most of a penultimate episode would be spent building up to the finale, but tonight felt like a regular episode. I’m not saying this is a bad thing; it’s just surprising. Gabby was confronted with a former friend who is now homeless. It turns […]


One of the best things about Desperate Housewives is that it’s able to seamlessly balance ordinary, everyday stories with melodramatic, over-the- top ones. Tonight, Gabby was trying to show Juanita that beauty is on the inside, not the out, while, at the same time, Susan is dangerously close to being ensnared by Dave. After being […]


After saying goodbye to Edie last week, Desperate Housewives was back tonight to deal with the aftermath of her death. Everyone’s pretty shaken up, but no one more so than Dave. After nearly strangling Edie to death and then causing her to hit a pole while she fled in terror Dave is understandably feeling a […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Look Into Their Eyes and You Will See What They Know

Hey everyone! Desperate Housewives was back tonight with a tribute episode to Edie, who, after several brushes with death, finally bit the dust. Each of the housewives took time to reminiscence about some of their more positive experiences with Edie throughout the years. Each scenario had a common theme; Edie using her unique personality to […]

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: A Spark To Pierce the Dark

Hi guys! It’s Tricia here to recap what appears to be Edie’s swan song on Desperate Housewives. Although, I have to say, that woman has as many lives as a cat. First she escaped being strangled by Dave, only to jump in the car and swerve into a pole. No worries though; she was able […]