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The ten-episode series will be hosted by Chris Harrison.


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It may only be February, but ABC is already looking forward to their summer schedule: the network has officially announced the premiere dates for the new drama, MISTRESSES, and returning series, THE BACHELORETTE. THE BACHELORETTE (with the lead woman to be announced during AFTER THE FINAL ROSE on March 11th) will kick off on Monday, […]

THE BACHELORETTE: Ashley Picks Her Guy

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Another season of THE BACHELORETTE came to a close Monday night, as Ashley chose between her final two suitors. Would it be J.P., the guy who always seemed to have a natural chemistry with her? Or perhaps Ben, the man who clicked with her family? If we believed the editing on the final episode, Ben […]

THE BACHELORETTE: Ashley Meets the Families, Bores Us All

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On Monday’s episode of THE BACHELORETTE, Ashley traveled with the four remaining men to their hometowns to meet their families. Was anyone else a little bit, um, bored by the episode? Nothing seemed too crazy…there weren’t any funeral home tours or stuffed dead animals. Rather tame home visits with fairly sane people.

THE BACHELORETTE: Ashley Dismisses a Guy Early, Emily Talks About Her Breakup With Brad (Kind Of)

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First of all, we reached a major milestone in tonight’s episode of THE BACHELORETTE — unless I’m completely mistaken, Bentley’s name wasn’t mentioned once! In terms of actual dates, Ryan got his long-awaited one-on-one time with Ashley. It’s a bit bizarre he made it to the final 6 without getting an individual date, but hey, […]


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He’s baaaaack. Yes, like some horror movie villain, former BACHELORETTE contestant Bentley just won’t freaking go away. When Ashley found out Bentley was in the same hotel she was at, she looked like she might throw up or cry from happiness. Poor Chris Harrison was basically trying to tell her, “The guy is an idiot, […]

THE BACHELORETTE: Good Boys Turned Bad

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Oh, William. You showed potential. Then you kind of sucked for attempting to get cheap laughs at the expense of the girl you were trying to impress. But she forgave you. However, on his two-on-one date with Ben C., we saw a whole other level of jerkiness. William manipulated Ashley by telling her Ben C. was […]


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Hey BACHELORETTE fans! The gang headed to Thailand in last night’s episode…and unfortunately I have nothing witty to say about it, because I haven’t seen the episode yet. Grr. The good news, is I’ll be watching the episode as soon as it’s up on ABC’s website, so I will share some thoughts (okay, and some […]

THE BACHELORETTE: Bentley is a Creep, William Gets a Break

As irrational as it may be, I find myself incredibly angry with THE BACHELORETTE tonight. I understand the show is not the highest in terms of “quality” — okay, let’s be fair, it’s a guilty pleasure. But at the same time, human decency shouldn’t be unheard of, even if this is a reality show. Was […]

THE BACHELORETTE: A Wedding is Not a Good Idea for a First Date

Poor William. While on paper, it might seem like an awesome idea that he had the first THE BACHELORETTE one-on-one date with Ashley, but I don’t know if he was quite prepared to get hitched to her that night. Yes, apparently Ashley was worried that some of the contestants might not be ready for marriage, […]

THE BACHELORETTE Season Premiere: Which Guys Stood Out?

Did anyone tune into the season premiere of THE BACHELORETTE last night? Oy vey. I actually really liked Ashley on the last season of THE BACHELOR — despite her paralyzing doubts about her relationship with Brad — so I do hope this season works out for her. But there are some, um, interesting guys in […]

Who is the Next BACHELORETTE?

Just hours after THE BACHELOR concluded its season with Brad popping the question to his chosen lady, the newest BACHELORETTE has been revealed. Much like seasons past, the woman in question is a former contestant that was rejected on the show — in this case, on Brad’s season — and is hoping she’ll have better […]

THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: Final Rose Edition

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So, Ali decided to defy BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE history and put her runner up out of his misery early. And, look, I respect that she didn’t want to drag her eliminated suitor(s) through any additional pain. It’s sweet in theory, because let’s be honest, between the two contestants, if Ali was going to pick one of ’em, […]

What Happened on THE BACHELORETTE?

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Ali wasn’t the only one shedding tears during tonight’s finale of THE BACHELORETTE. For the first time since Trista Rehn was the woman looking for love, I invested my time in this series. And for it to end the way it did, was a mixture of joy and sadness. So who did Ali choose? Was […]

THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: Men Tell All Edition

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Let’s be completely honest: Monday’s THE BACHELORETTE: MEN TELL ALL special was a big freaking disappointment. I mean, this season was full of drama. We had some of the craziest contestants ever. So you’d think that when you reunited so many of them to rehash what happened over the course of the season, there would […]