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September 24, 2008 by  
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Listen up people!  We are so close to THE OFFICE season premiere that I now start counting down by hours.  I’m full with nervous excitement.  Thursday can not come fast enough.  The stars are starting to show up on the talk show circuits, new spoiler clips have been released. Oh the joy! In celebration of […]

John Krasinski at LEATHERHEADS Premiere (Pics and Video)

April 1, 2008 by  
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Ask (and a record number of you did) and you shall received. The L.A. premiere of LEATHERHEADS was tonight and the film’s stars George Clooney, Renee Zellweger and our very own John Krasinski were all there, all looking quite dapper I may add. Here are some pics of Mr. Krasinski (as well as a few […]

John Krasinski & George Clooney ‘Unscripted’

Since we’re on a roll, let’s just go all out…Check out this video of my personal heaven – John Krasinski and George Clooney in the same room together. Little things make me happy. Actually, this is a pretty hilarious video that’s worthy of checking out even if you’re a straight guy. And it’s always sweet […]

More from the John Krasinski Files…

Please excuse the self indulgence, but when your favorite TV actor has a leading role in a major motion picture, well, it’s cause to celebrate. We’ve been celebrating John Krasinski here on GiveMeMyRemote.com before he was on most people’s radars and I’m not about to stop now, especially when there’s so much to talk about. […]

New LEATHERHEADS Video Featuring John Krasinski

March 6, 2008 by  
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The April 4th premiere of LEATHERHEADS is just around the corner. Not sure I could be more excited for this movie. I mean Krasinski and Clooney on the same stage? It’s almost too much…almost. For those of you who are looking forward to the movie, check out this new video which talks about the ‘future […]

LEATHERHEADS Official Site Launches

December 14, 2007 by  
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The official site for the upcoming John Krasinski film LEATHERHEADS has just launched. Yeah, that’s right…I said it. It’s the new John Krasinski film. Perhaps others will call it the George Clooney or Renee Zellweger movie, but around these parts it’s all about John Krasinski. It’s time to get excited. April is just around the […]

LEATHERHEADS Trailer – First Look

December 13, 2007 by  
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Finally, finally, finally…the long awaited, much anticipated trailer for the upcoming George Clooney, Renee Zellweger, John Krasinski football comedy LEATHERHEADS is finally here!! Update: The official trailer has just become available, so enjoy! The LEATHERHEADS trailer first premiered on ET the other day, and I happen to see an alternate version on E!’s Daily Ten. […]


August 21, 2007 by  
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In an effort to support all things John Krasinski, I present to you the latest still shot from the upcoming movie LEATHERHEADS. Yes, John and George in silly little hats sharing the big screen. The movie opens nationwide on December 7th. JKras, if you need a date to the premiere you know where to find […]

Krasinski & Clooney in LEATHERHEADS (New Pics)

July 20, 2007 by  
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Check out this new pic of George Clooney, John Krasinski and Renee Zellwegger in LEATHERHEADS which opens on December 7th. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. And here’s a pic from a prop from the film. Looks like John’s character, Carter Rutherford, is shelling out the smokes. Tsk. Tsk. Related Posts: New […]

Krasinski & Zellweger – So Not True

April 23, 2007 by  
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Listen, I don’t want to turn GMMR into a celebrity gossip blog, but when the tabloids are going after my boy, well I just can’t stand back and watch. I refuse…REFUSE to believe that John Krasinski and Rene Zellweger are anything more than co-stars and new friends. Sure, they were spotted out together in North […]

New Pics of John Krasinski in “Leatherheads”

April 7, 2007 by  
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Some new pics of John Krasinski from the set of Leatherheads have come my way. Krasinski stars as football star Carter Rutherford in the film which stars its director George Clooney as well as Oscar Winner Rene Zellwegger. The film premieres in December but shooting is taking place through May in North and South Carolina. […]

John Krasinski in Leatherheads (More Pics)

Two new pictures of John Krasinski in his role as Carter Rutherford in the upcoming Leatherheads surfaced this weekend. Source Looks like John is definiting racking up those frequent flier miles between all his trips from LA to the Carolinas. While I was catching Kate Flannery’s “Lampshades” show on Saturday night (more on that soon), […]

First John Krasinski Pics from “Leatherheads”

February 23, 2007 by  
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A big HOLLA goes out to the ladies at PopSugar for posting the first known pics of The Office’s John Krasinski from his upcoming movie Leatherheads. Yes, I know the pics are only from the back, but I would know those ears anywhere. YAY!! Make sure you head over to PopSugar for more pics of […]

John Krasinski Loves Karaoke

It seems that my Valentine, Mr. John Krasinski like to sing himself a little karaoke from time to time. According to PopCandy, John took the stage last weekend at a bar in Greenville, SC where The Office star is currently shooting Leatherheads, a new pic he is starring in along side George Clooney and Renee […]

John Krasinski & George Clooney to Share Big Screen in “Leatherheads”

December 1, 2006 by  
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John Krasinski is in negotiations to star alongside George Clooney and…oh screw it, do you really need to know anymore? Krasinski and Clooney in the same film? It’s almost too good to be true. But it isn’t. If all involved can work out the details, our boy John will be taking yet another step toward […]