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Two Idiots Talk Lost – The Final Episode & Final Podcast

The LOST Series Finale means that this is the final TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST… Like ever! Sure it’s been two weeks since the finale aired, that only means you get a little extra idiot in your podcast this week. We talk about our favorite moments from the finale and wax idiotsophically on what it all […]

The TV Talk Podcast – Two Idiots Talk LOST

After a mini-hiatus, we are back with our penultimate TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST podcast. We’re so close to the end of LOST that honestly these two idiots can hardly stand it. In this podcast we cover the latest island developments, the latest sideways glances, some hardcore deaths and of course, Fiona Faraday. Is it possible […]

Two Idiots Talk LOST | The TV Talk Podcast

Is TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST your constant? No? Well, Desmond is still our constant and we were so excited to have a full hour dedicated to our favorite “Brutha.” Plus, there was a ton of Fiona Faraday, she’s like beyond cramazing. Sit back, relax and fully take in our LOST idiocy. We mentioned leaving a […]

Two Idiots Talk LOST Podcast

Yeah, yeah ,yeah… we know we haven’t talk about LOST in a while, isn’t the important thing that we talk about it at all? Well, we’re back and this time we’re covering three episodes worth of idiot banter. In this episode of TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST, we get all sweet on Sawyer with “Recon”, flashback […]

Two Idiots Talk LOST Podcast – The TV Talk Podcast

TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST returns and we’ve got three episodes to discuss. We do our own little flashback to “Lighthouse”, “Sundown” and “Dr. Linus”. That’s right folks, Claire, Sayid and the fabulous Ben Linus are get skewered by these two LOST loving idiots! *Recorded: 3/9/10 Listen to: The TV Talk Podcast: Two Idiots Talk LOST […]

Two Idiots Talk LOST – The TV Talk Podcast

The snowpocalypse stopped us from podcasting last week but don’t worry, that just means this week you get double the idiot! TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST returns to discuss “What Kate Does” and “The Substitute”. Along the way we’ll botch every theory and we’ll make up new character names. We’ll try to figure out how the […]