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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: Manny Coto on the Time Jump, the Finale, and More

July 11, 2014 by  
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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY concludes on Monday with a jam-packed finale, and while the hour includes a number of highly emotional scenes and incredible action sequences, the series is also pulling off a first: they’re doing a time jump during the hour to help conclude the day’s events.

“We’ve always had, since pretty early on in the design of the season, the feeling that to do time jumps throughout the season didn’t feel right to us,” 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY executive producer Manny Coto told reporters on a conference call earlier today. “We quickly found that it was easy to — while it’s possible to pause one story for a time jump, 24 is always telling multiple stories. And to pause them all became kind of unwieldy, and we found really slowed momentum. At a certain point we kind of realized where the season was building, and…given [the finale] ending, we knew we wanted…a sequence after [some of the big events], that would take place after people had processed what has happened. We knew that that would be a good place for a 12 hour time jump, and it felt right to do the time jump at that point.”

And while the time jump allows for a degree of closure, in true 24 tradition, every single storyline won’t be neatly tied up.

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