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The BONES Cast on the Scenes They Wish They Were in, the Mistake that Made it to Air

August 22, 2020 by  
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Bones cast

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Over the course of nearly 250 episodes, the BONES cast got to do a lot of things, but during the recent GalaxyCon panel, they acknowledged there was one scene they wish they could have been a part of.

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Favorite Television Episodes of the 2010s

December 26, 2019 by  
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The 2010s brought up Peak TV, which meant we got thousands of incredible hours of television. As we head into a new decade, we looked back at a few of our favorite episodes that aired from 2010-2019*…

ARROW: "Seeing Red"

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What we said then: “Moira Queen was a complicated lady from the very first episode of ARROW, but her final hour, "Seeing Red," was her finest. Viewers got flashbacks into how much Moira had meddled with her children's lives -- surprise, he has a secret kid out there, that Moira got the baby mama to lie and say she had miscarried -- but the present day scenes reminded fans that she was almost always one step ahead: Moira revealed to Oliver that she knew he was the Arrow, and had known for a while.

Unfortunately for her, Slade was hell-bent on getting revenge against Oliver and gave Oliver a choice: would he save his mother or his sister? Oliver struggled with the choice, so Moira made it easy on him -- she volunteered herself, and Slade killed her. It was brutal, it was heartbreaking, and Susanna Thompson (Moira) was never better.” ( Photo: Katie Yu/The CW )

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