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SUPERNATURAL: Felicia Day Teases Charlie’s Return from Oz

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Last time SUPERNATURAL viewers saw Charlie, she had gone off (with Dorothy) to Oz. But she’s back in tonight’s new episode, and as Felicia Day (Charlie) previews in the video interview below, her time away has changed her.

Check out what else Day teased about “There’s No Place Like Home”…

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REVOLUTION: David Lyons Talks About Monroe’s Pointed Charlie Comment

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REVOLUTION’s Monroe and Connor had an interesting heart-to-heart in “Fear and Loathing,” where Monroe expressed some of his desires for his newfound son’s life, including a woman to settle down with…but, pointedly, Monroe said it shouldn’t be Charlie.

But what led to that pointed comment? On the show’s Austin set, David Lyons (Monroe) had some theories about what was going in his character’s mind…

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SUPERNATURAL: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki Preview Charlie’s Return and Taking on THE WIZARD OF OZ Characters in ‘Slumber Party’

It’s SUPERNATURAL-meets-THE WIZARD OF OZ in the upcoming episode, “Slumber Party,” and thankfully, Sam and Dean won’t be on their own as they have to try and wrap their minds around it: they’ll have the help of Charlie (returning guest star Felicia Day)!

“This is also what kind of stuff that excites me,” SUPERNATURAL star Jared Padalecki (Sam) shared with reporters in the video below. “Like, these little fun little ways we can tie in real pop culture or real urban legends — kind of how the show started, tying in…existing urban legends into the lore of the show. [In ‘Slumber Party’] we find out that Dorothy has been trapped in the Men of Letters bunker for a long, long, long time. And accidentally she is set free, but so is the witch…so now we have them running around our bunker, and we have to employ the help of the coolest computer nerd we know [Charlie] to help us try to figure out what happened.”

“Dean kind of tries to battle with the fact that there’s an actual Wizard of Oz, and there’s an actual Dorothy, and it’s all being unfolded in front of him,” Jensen Ackles (Dean) added later in the video.

Take a look at what else Padalecki and Ackles had to say about “Slumber Party,” the expansion of the Men of Letters bunker, and more…

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