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Chris Fedak on a Possible CHUCK Revival

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Chuck revival

Credit: NBC

With so many shows being revived, one fan-favorite series that occasionally gets brought up for a potential revival is NBC’s CHUCK. (The cast has also held off-screen reunions and trips down memory lane in recent months.)

“There are plans, but, unfortunately, they’re only my plans,” series star Zachary Levi joked of reviving the show, while appearing on a panel in 2017. “I would love to do, essentially, CHUCK movies. Not in the movie theaters, but I would love to go to Netflix, and, like, every two years, do an hour and a half to two hour CHUCK movies. I think CHUCK is the perfect premise to do those one-off installments.”

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CASTLE: CHUCK’s Joshua Gomez to Guest Star

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CHUCK’s Joshua Gomez has booked a guest spot on CASTLE, an ABC rep confirmed.

According to (who was first to report the casting), Gomez will play a suspect in a murder who claims to be a time traveller. (Clearly, the character is well-adjusted.)

CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe had previously teased this hour, sharing that “we’re working on an idea here where our suspect in the case claims to be a time-traveler back from the future, trying to prevent cataclysmic events from unfolding.”

Are you excited to see Gomez on CASTLE?

CASTLE’s sixth season premieres Monday, September 23rd at 10 PM on ABC.


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Exclusive: On the Set of CHUCK with Zachary Levi

In honor of CHUCK Week here on GMMR, I thought I’d share with you again some of the highlights on my most recent visit to the set of CHUCK.

“We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.” A catchy Beatles tune, yes, but also the song that was stuck in my head for days after visiting the set of CHUCK..  Why?  Because it’s one of the many songs that CHUCK star Zachary Levi would break out into during each and every cut.  His singing was infectious, and on this particular Beatles tune he was joined by co-stars Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin and more than a few of the crew working to set up the scene. That’s the type of vibe you get walking on to the set of CHUCK. It’s a fun place to be.  And I had a blast while I was there.

Our CHUCK adventure, which took place a few months ago, started just a few minutes after my friend Steph (who tagged along for the trip) and I arrived on the Warner Bros set.  As we waited to meet up with the fabulous Jamie to show us around, Ms. Yvonne Strahovski herself walked right by us and on to the stage.  She looked stunning, as usual, in her signature Orange Orange uniform. Seriously, it’s a sin to look that good.

As soon as we walked on to the set we were immediately greeted by a gaggle of nice people who went out of their way to get us set up with chairs, sides (the script they are shooting for the day), and headphones to listen in on the dialogue as the scene was shot. They were kind enough to let us get settled in right next to director Patrick Norris so we could watch along on the monitors.

As the scene set was being set up we could hear the booming voice of Mr. Levi. The aforementioned singing along with his general wackiness had everyone cracking up. And though I wasn’t intentionally eavesdropping I did overhear one of the women on the crew say that he was like this everyday.  “He really sets the tone for everyone. He’s always like this.  It’s a lot of fun. He makes sure of it.”

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CHUCK vs. The Suburbs

February 17, 2009 by  
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CHUCK! I was so glad to have it back after last week. I felt like NBC was toying with me by giving us a new Heroes but not a new Chuck, and yeah, I know, the President has things he wants us to know, but seriously, couldn’t he just implant the intersect in all of our heads instead of depriving us of Chuck? I thought so, anyway!

As I was sitting here pondering the episode last night, I briefly considered who was the cutest in last night’s episode, and I really and truly almost went with that beautiful golden retriever, but Casey pulled me right back in when he sprayed Chuck with cologne on the naughty bits. It was so obviously ad-libbed and Casey looked SO pleased with himself that Billy and I actually backed it up and watched it again. And I was so impressed with Chuck holding it together enough to yell “WHY THERE?” I was so happy that didn’t end up on the cutting room floor, and it reinforced my belief that I NEED these DVDs because I’m positive that the outtakes alone would be worth the cost.

Once again, I thought the guest stars were outstanding. You’ll never hear me complain about Andy Richter (unless it was about his show that was on a few years ago, which was terrible), and even though it makes me feel a little bit old that Jenny McCarthy is playing a cougar, she was outstanding. And I have no idea who it was, but her partner was so scary looking that I think he might figure into my future nightmares.

The Buy More plot was a little weird for me this week–I think it might’ve been a little too much Big Mike and maybe not quite enough Lester and Jeff, but I did get a kick out of Emmett’s hair, and I was surprised that they made Big Mike hook up with Morgan’s mom when I was really expecting Emmett’s (although that may have been a little too Arrested Development/mommy issues to be original). And I loved how Big Mike was hoping and praying after looking around that she was Chuck’s mom. He loooooves Chuck! Maybe Chuck can become the next Lady Big Mike. Hey, I don’t judge.

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