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Were you too busy this week to keep up with everything that happened in TV news? Give Me My Remote‘s got you covered! We’re catching you up on anything exciting you might have missed here at GMMR!

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ABOUT A BOY: Jason Katims, Minnie Driver, and David Walton on Romances, Poker, and More

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On tonight’s brand new episode of ABOUT A BOY, Will’s poker game is crashed by an unexpected guest: Fiona! (And she is in addition to a mini-PARENTHOOD crossover with Dax Shepard’s Crosby.)

“Fiona invites herself to Will’s poker game,” ABOUT A BOY creator Jason Katims previewed. “We see a totally different side of Fiona, which we’re all really excited about.”

And while viewers learn more about Fiona, Will will continue to romance Adrianne Palicki’s Samantha.

“She’s going to do an arc,” Katims previewed of Palicki, whom he worked with on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (where she played Tyra). “She’s in a lot of episodes from here to the end of the season. She’s not in every single one, but she continues…to the end of the season. She’s in a lot of the episodes. We’ve just been watching that relationship develop over time and it’s been great. She’s been doing such a wonderful job, and it’s so great. I wanted to work with Annie again since FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, and I’ve been looking for opportunities to do it. So I was so thrilled she was available and interested in doing this.”

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