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FRINGE: Seth Gabel Teases Lincoln’s Journey ‘Over There,’ the Possibility of Romance with Fauxlivia, and Getting His Butt Kicked in Episode 16

April 6, 2012 by  
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Lincoln fans, it is a big night for both of your guys on FRINGE. Fresh off of pretty much every conceivable thing going wrong for him last week, Lincoln travels over to the other universe in tonight’s episode, “Everything In Its Right Place,” where he teams up with the other Lincoln and Fauxlivia on a case.

As you may have seen, I was on the FRINGE set earlier this week, so I sat down with Seth Gabel (Lincoln) to talk about what brings Lincoln to seek out the other universe, whether there’s really a shot for this Lincoln and Fauxlivia, and what it was like filming “Nothing As it Seems.”

Take a look!

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