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GOTHAM: Ben McKenzie on the Threat of Barbara

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Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

GOTHAM season 2 will pit Jim Gordon up against, arguably, his most dangerous foe: his ex-fiancée, Barbara.

Earlier in the series, it seemed like Jim and Barbara were set to follow their comics counterparts: marriage, and perhaps a child. (And likely a divorce.) But with Barbara snapping after her encounter with the Ogre at the end of season 1 — and her subsequent murder of her parents, plus attack on Jim’s new girlfriend, Leslie — the show has firmly deviated from the comics.

“He will deal with her gingerly, with great care,” GOTHAM star Ben McKenzie (Jim) told reporters at Comic-Con. “She’s the closest person [to him] that has gone full-on bad guy…and that doesn’t go away; she doesn’t get less crazy as we go into season 2….[and] when she is that personally invested in destroying him, specifically, and knows him better than anyone, what is she willing to do to get what she wants? Having a psycho ex-girlfriend is scary.”

Check out what else McKenzie told reporters…

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