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TED LASSO Season Finale Review: ‘The Hope that Kills You’

October 2, 2020 by  
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TED LASSO Season Finale Review: 'The Hope that Kills You'

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Hello, TED LASSO fans!

It’s been a pleasure to write about this show over the past few episodes (especially knowing there will be a season 2). Last week I mentioned how season finales are often used to set up plots or conflicts for the next season, and the writers did a nice job of that here with the finale, “The Hope that Kills You.”

I really liked that title and how it was applied to several characters. Last week’s episode was about taking a look in the mirror and being true to reality: Rebecca came clean with Ted and Higgins, Roy accepted his position on the bench squad, and Ted acknowledged that wanting to win (and save the team from relegation) isn’t the worst thing in the world. How did it end up? Well, read on! Read more