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THE FOLLOWING: Brett Mahoney on Ryan’s Spiral, Theo’s Rage, Mark’s ‘OMG’-Worthy Return, and More

April 20, 2015 by  
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THE FOLLOWING’s Ryan Hardy is in trouble.

Though Ryan started off the year in a better place, his composure has been gradually slipping…and having to reunite with Joe Carroll for his current case only accelerated the process. And now with Ryan struggling to maintain his composure (no thanks to some very unsettling Joe-centric dreams) while there’s a new madman, Theo, on the loose, his sanity is very much in jeopardy. Plus, Theo is very unhappy with Ryan being so close on his tail (and for “forcing” Theo to get rid of his family to go on the run), and Joe is not pleased that Ryan refuses to come to his execution, so poor Ryan has a lot on his plate.

I spoke with THE FOLLOWING co-showrunner Brett Mahoney about Ryan’s spiral (and how it impacts his ability as an agent), the return of Mark, Theo and Joe’s anger, the “very big and cinematic” finale, and much more…

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