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SUPERNATURAL: Jeremy Carver Teases the Ramifications of Demon Dean, Sam’s Quest to Save His Brother, and More


SUPERNATURAL is no stranger to putting the Winchester brothers in pretty terrible positions to close out the season, and the end of season 9 was no different: Dean, after his apparent death, woke up as a demon.

I sat down with SUPERNATURAL boss Jeremy Carver to talk about the ramifications of Dean’s transformation, the theme of the season, and more…

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SUPERNATURAL: Jeremy Carver on Sam and Dean’s ‘Ruptured Bond,’ Castiel’s Reluctance to Lead, and More


The Winchester brothers have had a rough go of it lately, as the duo are working together despite a whole lot of tension…and in tonight’s brand new episode of SUPERNATURAL, Crowley is back in the mix.

To get a little bit of information about what kind of drama that return will bring, I spoke with SUPERNATURAL boss Jeremy Carver about Sam and Dean’s ruptured bond, Castiel’s new followers, the Mark of Cain, and more…

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