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DELIRIUM: Rodrigo Garcia on Bringing the Pilot to WIGS, If It Could Continue, and More

June 20, 2014 by  
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deliriumIn 2013, Fox passed on the pilot for DELIRIUM, based on the popular Lauren Oliver book trilogy, and as with most passed over pilots, the potential series went (seemingly) quietly into the night.

Enter: WIGS.

WIGS —  an online studio started by Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia as a YouTube original programming channel that quickly expanded into partnerships with Fox, as well as distribution on Hulu and other platforms — has been putting out female-led programming since its launch in 2012, and since co-founder Garcia also directed the DELIRIUM pilot, putting the two things together ended up being a natural fit.

To get a little more insight about what bringing DELIRIUM to WIGS means — AKA, could it continue on? Might other pilots get this same second life? — I spoke with Garcia about the show’s journey, and what’s next for WIGS…

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DELIRIUM Pilot to Appear on Hulu’s WIGS Channel

June 13, 2014 by  
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DELIRIUM, the passed-over Fox pilot from 2013 that was based on Lauren Oliver’s “Delirium” book trilogy, is getting a new life: WIGS will put it up on their Hulu channel on June 20th for a limited window.

In DELIRIUM, love is considered a disease and the risk of it can be eliminated by a procedure. Unfortunately for Lena (played by Emma Roberts), she falls in love before she can be “fixed.”

The pilot stars Roberts, Billy Campbell, and Gregg Sulkin, while the script was written by former BONES/PRISON BREAK scribe Karyn Usher.

Check out a trailer now!

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WIGS: Garret Dillahunt Talks About ‘Paloma’

June 17, 2013 by  
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RAISING HOPE may be currently on its summer hiatus, but fans of the quirky Fox comedy can still get their fix of Garret Dillahunt by watching the web series “Paloma” from WIGS.

To get more info about “Paloma,” I spoke with Dillahunt (who plays Matthew) about working on the web series, getting directed by Julia Stiles, filling in his character’s story, and more…

(And as a warning, there are spoilers for the entire web series here, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go finish it first!)

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