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CHUCK’s Zachary Levi….Just Because

December 21, 2007 by  

Zachary Levi, Chuck

While I wish the following Q&A with CHUCK star Zach Levi was conducted by yours truly, sadly it wasn’t. But the folks over at have the hookup and recently chatted with Zachary about his life now that CHUCK has become a bona fide hit. He really is precious this guy.

Here’s a little bit for you, but fans of Chuck and Zach should head over to EW to read the full interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So how has this year been for you, being thrust into the spotlight and all?
ZACHARY LEVI: You know, Less Than Perfect, even after four years, never really opened any doors in my career or built that big of a fan base, at least not one that I know of — they might be in the Midwest or [exist] internationally. But with Chuck, it’s definitely been this kind of overnight change in my life, where everyone recognizes you. I [also] don’t have a life. That’s probably the biggest thing: I don’t have any time to do anything. With Less Than Perfect, with a sitcom, you can still hold down a regular life, but with Chuck, [I’m] working all day every day trying to figure out how to get everything else done.

But Chuck‘s full-season pickup shows that the network has faith in the show.
The problem is the strike. It’s nice to have a back nine, but you don’t really know what that means at the end of the day. You don’t know when you can go back to work. If they were to resolve the strike today, then they’d have to start writing, and the writing would take them through the rest of January, and we stop production in February. But I don’t know if they’re going to resolve the strike before the holidays. So [even though] we have a back nine, we don’t know when we’re going to shoot, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the network says [those] nine episodes will be the beginning of the second season. (continue reading at

Even more from CHUCK…

If you’re like me and are already in CHUCK withdrawal, then head over to Ramblings of a TV Whore and read Spadada’s account of the day she recently spent with CHUCK stars – Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, and Yvonne Strahovski. Lucky girl, I am jealous. (Part I and II)

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