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Syfy Comic Con 2010 Swag Bag Giveaway

Didn’t make it to Comic Con this year? Well now you can dress like you did. SyFy and GIVE ME MY REMOTE are teaming up to give ONE lucky GMMR reader the chance to win all the official Comic Con shirts from all nine of the SyFy shows that were present at CCI 2010. The […]


Yeah, we know Comic-Con ended more than a week ago. But between the crappy wifi we encountered in San Diego and then jumping straight into the Television Critics Press Tour, uploading these awesome videos has been a long process. However, we promised them to you, and we wanted to give you another close look into […]

SUPERNATURAL Comic Con Panel – Watch Now

I don’t know about you, but this isn’t the worst way to spend 45 minutes of my life. A little Jared and Jensen…yes, please. One of GIVE ME MY REMOTE’s thoughtful readers, Lily, was kind enough to share her video of the SUPERNATURAL Comic Con panel with us and in turn we are sharing it […]

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Nina Dobrev hits Comic Con, talks Elena vs. Katherine, Stefan vs. Damon

How is Comic Con different this year, now that THE VAMPIRE DIARIES has spent a season on the air? How does it feel to play two characters that are so different? And with Paul Wesley hinting during the CCI panel that Stefan’s going to explore his dark side this season, will Elena now turn her attention […]

CASTLE Scoop: Stana Katic Spills on How Beckett Will Rebound From Castle

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When we last saw the characters on CASTLE, Castle and Beckett had just experienced some pretty bad romantic timing — just as Beckett was about to confess her feelings to him, he revealed that he had reunited with his ex-wife. Sigh. And while they have spent the entire summer apart, as we first teased in […]

EUREKA’s Colin Ferguson Teases a Jack-Allison Hookup

A lot of will-they-won’t-they TV couples go through drama on their respective shows, but it’s hard to think of one that’s had a rougher go of it than EUREKA’s Allison and Jack. Things, however, will soon start to look up for the duo. We chatted with series star Colin Ferguson at Comic Con last weekend […]

CHUCK Comic Con Panel – Watch Now!

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Finally! I was hoping the CHUCK panel from Comic Con would be available for those of us who couldn’t make it, and now it is! Check out Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, Casey, Jeffster, Captain Awesome, Ellie and Big Mike as they take the stage for you…the fans! Favorite moments? Are you like me and more excited […]

BONES Scoop: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Dish on Booth’s [Spoiler Alert!] and Their Characters’ Time Apart

When we last saw Booth and Brennan, they were saying an emotionally-charged farewell as they prepared to leave each other for a year — Booth to Afghanistan and Brennan to the Maluku Islands. It appears, however, that they will be called back to D.C. before the year is up… but a lot will have happened […]

GLEE Comic Con Pics Round-Up – What? You Know You Love Your GLEEKS

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Yes, I know. Comic Con is over. But that doesn’t mean you are sick and tired of seeing some of your favorite GLEEks. So indulge in the goodness that is a GLEE photo gallery. Thanks to GMMR reader Lauren for sharing some of her personal pics from the panel.

WAREHOUSE 13 Stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly Spill on a Body-Switching Episode

We at GIVE ME MY REMOTE are enjoying WAREHOUSE 13. It’s been pretty fantastic this season, hasn’t it? And based on what I heard from stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly over the weekend at Comic-Con, the best is yet to come. “We do a body-switch episode,” Kelly says in the video below. “I have […]

VAMPIRE DIARIES: Ian Somerhalder Hits Comic Con, Talks Damon and Katherine

Normally, sharing an interview with six other reporters is super annoying. But in the case of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Ian Somerhalder, it might be a good thing, considering my inability to look him in the eye without losing my train of thought. Seriously, man, my God. That face is, quite simply, a work of art… […]

Pacey-Con 2010: Celebrating All Thing Pacey Witter (Video)

“I do this because Pacey Witter is the greatest character in television history ever. Period.” — Joshua Jackson

BONES Exclusive: Emily Deschanel Reveals When She’s Making Her Directorial Debut

During the BONES panel at Comic-Con in 2009, series star Emily Deschanel revealed that she really wanted the chance to direct an episode of the show — but creator Hart Hanson was wary of the idea, since Deschanel already works crazy hours. It seems, however, that her persistence has paid off. Deschanel tells GIVE ME […]

Comic Con ’10: GLEE Panel Highlights

Alright, Gleeks! GMMR reader, Lauren, hit GLEE’s Comic Con panel on Sunday and is giving us the details on what went down…

CASTLE Stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic Read From ‘Heat Wave’ at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is over and I’m not gonna lie…I’m missing it already. I mean, where else would you see CASTLE stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic doing a reading from Richard Castle’s book, “Heat Wave” and a steamy prelude to a love scene, no less?! It was one of the most hilariously bizarre moments of the […]