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The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Team Reunites to Support the WGA and SAG-AFTRA Strikes—And Express Concern About AI

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“I know a little something about AI—it doesn’t end well.”


Both kick off in April.

NBCUniversal Names Streaming Site, Officially Adds BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Reboot, SAVED BY THE BELL and PUNKY BREWSTER Revivals

Plus, the second PSYCH movie has a new home.

HUMAN TARGET: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Tahmoh Penikett, LOST’s M.C. Gainey to Guest

HUMAN TARGET had some pretty sexy guest stars in its first season earlier this year, but the show is wasting no time topping itself. Former BATTLESTAR GALACTICA actor Tahmoh Penikett will appear in HUMAN TARGET’s second season premiere. See left. Enough said. Also, Timothy Omundson (PSYCH) will return to guest in that first fall ep. Molly Parker […]

Battlestar Rhapsody – Battlestar Galactica in Song w/ Lyrics

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Thanks to @showpatrol and @geektome for sharing this fantastic video of the story of Battlestar Galactica told through a song parody. A must watch for any BSG fan! Full lyrics after the jump:

Jamie Bamber to Guest on DOLLHOUSE

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Another former BSGer will be guesting on DOLLHOUSE this season. The rumors about Jamie Bamber’s appearance started during Comic Con weekend but they were confirmed today. He will be guesting on DOLLHOUSE’s second season, and we might see him as early as the premiere episode. He’s going to resume shooting with the show this week. […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The Final Cast Read Through (Video)

No BATTLESTAR GALACTICA tonight…or ever. But if you’re going through withdrawal you should enjoy this amazing video of the final cast read through of the final episode. I haven’t had a chance to see but a few minutes of it, but I knew I couldn’t watch it in the office because (a) I don’t think […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Series Finale Recap & Podcast

I wanted wait to share my thoughts on the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Finale until I could talk about it with Dan. After all, he was the one that brought this show to me in the first place. And I’ll be forever grateful that he did. Rather than write a long rambling post about my take on […]

Jane Espenson LIVE Chat Today on

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Yesterday we shared a sneak peek at the new BSG prequel series CAPRICA and today we are thrilled to let you know that CAPRICA Executive Producer, Jane Espenson, will be LIVE chatting today at 1pm EST on In addition to leading the CAPRICA team, Jane was also an Executive Producer on the recently departed […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: Someone to Watch Over Me

I’m sorry. What?! I just finished watching BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and in theory I’m now supposed to share my thoughts on the episode with all of you in the hopes of spurring a thought provoking discussion. Problem is, I’m not sure what I just watched. I’m certainly left with more questions than answers. Given there’s less […]


The final five Cylons were reunited last night as Ellen returned to Galactica.  She and Tigh wasted no time in getting reacquainted in the most intimate of ways.  Glad to know there wasn’t any lingering resentment…you know, since Tigh killed Ellen and all.  But when Ellen learned of her husband’s affair with Caprica, the most […]

Weekend Catch-Up: BSG, Brothers & Sisters & The Amazing Race

This past weekend was a long weekend…at least for me. And as such I was very, very lazy which in turn meant I was a bad blogger. I’m going to try my very hardest to be more consistent with my recaps, but it’s so hard when shows air on the weekend and I’m usually not […]

The TV Talk Podcast: Episode #35

TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky returns with a ton of chatter about our favorite shows. Chuck scored with a 3-D Superbowl episode, Gossip Girl sends Blair over the deep end, Heroes returns with some promise and the double punch of Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother once again make us […]


Gaeta is a douche. (And that poetic opening illustrated why I will never be a proper TV writer). But seriously, Gaeta is a douche. In this chaotic yet wonderfully paced episode, mutiny ruled as Zarek and Geata seized power of Galactica. Rosalin gave up on fighting her cancer but ultimately came back swinging in the […]

Turning GMMR Over to YOU Because I’m Outta Here!

Hey guys, I know Fridays are a fantastic day to talk about TV, and it pains me to abandon you, but I’m gonna have to turn GMMR over to YOU today. I’m making a last minute dash to sunny L.A. and I won’t be around to bloggity blog about Thursday night TV. It’s killing me.  […]