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WAREHOUSE 13: Buried

Whoa! The penultimate episode of Season Two of Warehouse 13 did NOT disappoint, did it? We had intrigue, betrayal, romance, death and a previously below-ground Warehouse 2. The case is unlike anything the team has ever faced, or as Pete said, “So, like always then.” In the romance department, the episode begins with Pete talking […]

WAREHOUSE 13: Around The Bend

I don’t know about all of you, but after last week’s preview, I was really looking forward to this episode. Warehouse 13 is best when it aligns the artifacts and casework with good character development. As much as these Season Two episodes have made me laugh, there is still that underlying thread that some of […]

WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: Mild Mannered

Was anyone else smiling from pretty much start to finish? I’m going to go ahead and say it has a lot to do with Pete Lattimer, which I guess means it has a lot to do with Eddie McClintock. The show just has so much heart, and this episode really embodied that. Speaking of embodied […]

DROP DEAD DIVA Recap: Senti-mental

Hey Drop Dead Diva pals! Sorry I missed the last episode. A lot went on, and I want to touch on a few quick points. It seemed like things were finally in sync for Tony and Jane, until his new job offer placed him in DC. They broke up amicably enough, I suppose, and I […]

Warehouse 13 Season Two Premiere Review- Time Will Tell

Boom goes the dynamite, WAREHOUSE 13 fans! What is UP?! It has been SO long since we’ve had new episodes. I didn’t think this summer season was EVER going to come. But here it is! And wasn’t the premiere great? First of all, I loved that season two picked up immediately where season one left […]

DROP DEAD DIVA: The Long Road to Napa

Derma-guac could be huge. That is one lesson we learned from this episode of Drop Dead Diva. Another lesson might be not to purchase the exact same watch for your wife, your other wife, and your future wife, and a third might be to know that a sealed unused pregnancy test does not actually mean […]

DROP DEAD DIVA: Back from the Dead

Drop Dead Diva fans, you rock the house! I loved all your comments last week, and I am glad to know the show has a home here on the site. The episode was kind of serious, didn’t you think? Once again, there were two cases running parallel throughout the hour. Jane represented a woman who […]

DROP DEAD DIVA Season Premiere: Would I Lie to You

Hey, hey, hey Drop Dead Diva fans! So glad we have a chance to officially talk about this show here on GMMR! How did you like the season two premiere? I thought it was a pretty good starting off point for what looks like a good summer. Let’s get right to talking about it… First […]

BONES Season Finale: The Beginning in the End

Before I turn things over to Seels, I just wanted to take a moment to thank her for her wonderful coverage of BONES on behalf of  Every week her recaps facilitate fantastic conversations with the BONES community here on GMMR.  At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about for me.  So […]

BONES: The Boy with the Answer

BONES lovelies, please tell me that in the exact moment Brennan said she might need more than time that we ALL knew she meant time…and space. Booth knew. I knew. We all knew, because we are so cool like that. B&B have their own little language sometimes, and we are all fluent! What did you […]

Emily Deschanel and Hart Hanson Talk BONES

First of all…spoiler alert. Don’t even read on if you don’t like the sweet smell of spoilers. Or is the spoiled smell of sweetness? Hard to say. But seriously…we’re talking the next two episodes of BONES (“The Boy with the Answer” and “The Beginning in the End”, respectively, airing on FOX May 13th and May […]

BONES: The Witch in the Wardrobe

Word up, BONES fans; we have a LOT to talk about! Wicca…and a WEDDING! Did you like this episode? Personally, I thought it was one of the best ensemble episodes in BONES series history. Cheers to Kathy Reichs for writing an episode that utilized each character with great purpose! Likewise, the episode was case-driven, which […]

BONES: The Predator in the Pool

Ah, as Dr. Brennan would say, “Excellent”. Of course, when she said it, she was trying to convince herself, but we know the truth, and it tastes kind of bitter. Unlike last week, where I felt nervous, this week I felt very good with where things were left at the end of the episode. Not […]

BONES: The Death of the Queen Bee

Bones fans, you rocked last week and I loved your comments and analysis! We proved once again that whether or not we always agree, BONES fans are able to use brain & heart. As for this week’s episode…I don’t know what to think. From last week to the end of this episode, I kind of […]

BONES: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

First of all, show of hands…Who is glad to know that Brennan DIDN’T lie in Soccer Mom in the Mini Van when she said Booth had no direct knowledge? I know I am. I LOVED this episode and have been DYING to talk about it with you. Even more important than my opinion are your […]