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Kath and Dan are back and there’s plenty to talk about this week! We’ve got you covered for the shows you want to hear about and we’re talking about some of our favorite past and present TV couples in honor of Valentine’s Day. And get this…Kath actually talks about BONES! Hilarious! Highlights: Fox’s biggest Super […]

THE WIRE Project: Season 1, Disc 5 (The End)

In THE WIRE’s sixth episode, Detective Lester Freamon reminded his colleagues that they were building a case against Avon Barksdale’s crew out of small pieces, “and all the pieces matter.” Those five words tell the audience everything they need to know about this once-in-a-lifetime program. After five weeks of work on The Wire Project, I […]

THE WIRE Project: Season 1, Disc 4

The finish line is approaching quickly. After this week, The Wire Project winds down with the final two episodes of the show’s inaugural season. As promised, the discussion threads for each week will be maintained all summer, so you are welcome to jump in at your convenience! Quick note for DirecTV subscribers: Channel 101 just […]

In Case You Missed It…GLEE, PSYCH, WHITE COLLAR, BONES and More

Did you pull a Rip van Winkle and sleep through all of last week?  Perhaps you were taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather and weren’t on the interwebs as much. Well don’t you fret because we’re here to catch you up on some of what you missed. Here are just a few of GIVE […]

THE WIRE Project: Season 1, Disc 3

Week 3 of The Wire Project brought Baltimore’s police closer to their targets in Avon Barksdale’s crew.  Utilizing their wiretaps, Lieutenant Daniels’ team gathered substantial evidence about the movement of drugs into the projects. The little details being assembled, however, unearthed pieces of their case that fit a larger, much more ominous puzzle. On the […]

In Case You Missed It…BONES, GLEE, THE WIRE, SYTYCD, & More…

On vacation? Working your fingers to the bone?  In case you weren’t able to stop by GIVE ME MY REMOTE last week, here are just a few of our posts that had people taking…er, commenting. Have something to add?  Share your thoughts in the comments for each post. BONES: Yep, [spoiler alert] is getting a […]

THE WIRE Project: Season 1, Disc 2

Welcome to Week 2 of The Wire Project. We are just scratching the surface of Baltimore’s grittiest cops and drug dealers. Alliances are forming, rivalries are building, and allegiances are being brought into question. Early reactions from the GMMR community to Disc 1 were almost universally positive, with many noting Executive Producer David Simon’s attention […]

THE WIRE Project: Season 1, Disc 1

Welcome to The Wire Project. Over the next five weeks, I hope that the GMMR community will explore the streets of Baltimore in a unique way, enhancing the viewing experience for one another. My goal is to make this project feel like a book club, with insights and opinions expressed with civility and good humor. […]

THE WIRE Project: Start Over with GMMR

Since THE WIRE wrapped up its fifth and final season in 2008, I have been astonished at the overwhelming praise it still receives from long time viewers. Though the show’s audience was much smaller than other HBO hits, such as THE SOPRANOS, I hear far more references to The Wire from TV critics and enthusiasts […]