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PROJECT RUNWAY Better Make it Work or Else Be Auf’d From My Schedule

Isn’t it over yet? Last night was the last PROJECT RUNWAY challenge before Fashion Week and the designs that came down the runway were quite representative of this season – uninspired, safe and without a strong point of view. Much was made about the behind-the-scenes drama leading up to this season of PROJECT RUNWAY. The […]

PROJECT RUNWAY: Rumble on the Runway

Why is it that every season at least a few of the designers need to be personally escorted back to Kindergarten to learn all over again how to play nice with others?  Geesh. I get it…they’re artist, they’re creative people and they don’t like anyone impeding on their artistry. Get over yourselves. Despite what the […]

PROJECT RUNWAY All Star Challenge – The Best of the Runway? Really?

It was de’ja vu this week when eight former PROJECT RUNWAY stars came back to the runway for the first ever PROJECT RUNWAY All Star Challenge.  The best of the best and fan favorites came together for a one night only episode that gave the designers the opportunity to show off how far they’ve come […]

PROJECT RUNWAY Recap: Season Premiere

A few minutes into last night’s premiere of PROJECT RUNWAY I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. As a long time fan of the fashion forward show, I was a wee bit worried that the move from Bravo to Lifetime (and the all the drama that came with that move) would […]

PROJECT RUNWAY Recap: Episode 6 – Good Queen Fun

This week of Jennifer’s Runway… When I was growing up, there were many things that I wanted to be. First, an astronaut, which is crazy because I got car sick EVERY TIME I got in the car and got dizzy on escalators. (Honestly, I was in it for the Tang. Yummers!) Second, an actor. (HAHAHAHAA! […]

PROJECT RUNWAY Recap: Episode 5 – The Jungle Sucks

The latest installment of Jennifer’s Runway takes a look at yet another disappointing episode of PROJECT RUNWAY. What is going on? I’m more convinced than ever that NBC/Bravo is trying to run the show into the ground before it makes the leap to Lifetime next season. Jennifer’s Runway… Dear Episode 5 of Project Runway, WHAT […]

PROJECT RUNWAY Recap: Episode 3

PROJECT RUNWAY has been boring me to tears this season. If it weren’t for my girl  Jennifer Eolin‘s PROJECT RUNWAY recaps, I am not sure I would even be watching.  Below is an excerpt of Jennifer’s latest recap that she kindly shares with GMMR…thank you – it spares me from writing about this dredge. Jennifer’s […]

Project Runway Recap: Episode 1

Who cares if I’m already behind on PROJECT RUNWAY?  No matter.  I’ve got my girl Jennifer Eolin, my hands down favorite PROJECT RUNWAY blogger breaking down the new season and sharing her 5 cents (because really, what can two cents by you these days) on the new designers and the first challenge of Season 5. […]

TV Podcast #20: Reality is Not LOST on Us

While the strike may be over, we are still weeks away from most of our favorite shows returning to the air in limited new episodes. In the meantime we are saddled with a ton of reality shows like American Idol, Big Brother 9, Survivor, and Project Runway. Don’t worry though, we still have plenty of […]


February 22, 2008 by  
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PROJECT RUNWAY is nearing the end of its fierce run, so there’s no better time to bring back all the auf’d designers and their ‘tudes and look back at the season that was. I don’t think there is anyone better out there giving us the play-by-play of what went down than the very funny Jennifer […]


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Let’s not bury the lead here, Ricky is gone!!! Praise Jesus, Ricky is gone. It’s been a long time coming. Let’s be honest here, he probably shouldn’t have made it this far on the show. I’m starting to wonder if he was cast as this season’s Sanjaya. You know, the guy the producers string along […]

PROJECT RUNWAY Becomes Jennifer’s Runway

January 11, 2008 by  
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 With all my travel this past week I fell a bit behind on my TV watching, but nothing I missed pains me more than PROJECT RUNWAY. The fashion, the drama, Tim Gunn…I love it!! I wish I could sit here and dish with you all about this week’s prom dress challenge, but sadly I can’t. […]


November 24, 2007 by  
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Wow! It just feels like I was finishing up the recap of last week’s premiere of PROJECT RUNWAY and here we are at the second episode. That whole thing about time flying…I think there’s something to that. If you saw any of the promos for this week’s episode of Project Runway, then you knew that […]


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Why hello all my little fashionistas. Are we ready for another season of PROJECT RUNWAY? Of course I must start off with many apologies for this being my first recap, and it being after the second episode. Major DVR failures (also known as my stupidity) prevented me from catching the premiere episodes last week. I […]