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THE OFFICE: Josh Groban Teases His Guest Spot in ‘Garden Party’

In case you needed another reason to love Twitter, Josh Groban shared during a conference call today that the social media site played a big part in him securing the guest role of THE OFFICE’s Walter Bernard Jr., younger brother of newly appointed office manager Andy. “[THE OFFICE star/producer Mindy Kaling] direct messaged twittered me […]

Steve Carell, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Ed Helms Appear on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’s ‘Ambiguously Gay Duo’ Sketch

What has Steve Carell been up to since leaving THE OFFICE? Becoming a supervillain on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, of course! Okay, not really. But during Saturday’s show, Carell, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and SNL guest host Ed Helms took part in a live-action version of the classic short “Ambiguously Gay Duo.” Take a […]

THE OFFICE: “Subtle Sexuality” Webisode – NEW!

Hey OFFICE fans, check out the first installment of “Subtle Sexuality”, the new webisodes from THE OFFICE. Behind-the-Scenes


Last night the cast and creative team behind THE OFFICE gathered at the Goldenson Theater in Hollywood for “Inside The Office”, a night honoring THE OFFICE presented by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Hopefully some GMMR readers were in attendance and can share some tidbits from the night.  I know I wish I […]


Now this is talent!  If you’re an fan of THE OFFICE then you don’t want to miss out on this amazing video courtesy of genrocks.  As requested in the video, I’m “forwarding like it’s hot”. Loved it!  Didn’t you?! Do you part to forward it like it’s hot. Use the “Share This” buttons below to […]

Ed Helms on THE DAILY SHOW…No Last Night

July 22, 2008 by  
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I guess watching Ed Helms on THE DAILY SHOW would be no big whoop…if it were 2005.  But having him randomly pop up as a special correspondent last night?  Well that’s just awesome.  Come on Steve Carell, can’t you give ‘Product Pete’ or better yet ‘Even Stephven’ one more go? Thanks to JF via OfficeTally.com […]

Upfront ’08 Memories – Meeting the Cast of THE OFFICE

As I continue to stroll down memory lane of the Upfronts ’08, there’s no way I can talk about my week without talking about getting to see the cast of my favorite show, THE OFFICE. Yes, I was lucky enough to meet the cast last year, but it really doesn’t matter. I still get just […]

TV Stars Every Which Way You Look at the NBC Upfronts

It’s going to be a bit before I’m able to upload my pictures from last night’s NBC Upfront party, but I thought I would share a few of the highlights and set the scene. Because NBC already had revealed their 2008-09 primetime schedule a few weeks ago, they didn’t have their traditional Upfront presentation.  This […]

Ed Helms on Leno (Watch)

In case you missed Ed Helms on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, you can check it out here. I’ve been a fan of Ed Helms for a long time – since back in his ‘Daily Show’ days. This guy kills me. Bonus: Ed shares a scene from tonight’s episode of ‘The Office’.

THE OFFICE Throws a ‘Dinner Party’

I wish I had this really incredible tale of a life affirming weekend filled with friends, booze, laughter and love (not necessarily in that order) as an excuse for it being Sunday night and me just getting around to posting my thoughts on this week’s episode of THE OFFICE. But sadly I can’t. It’s was […]

The Cast of THE OFFICE an the 2008 SAG Awards

By far the best moment of this year’s SAG Awards was when the cast of THE OFFICE, my very favorite show on television, took home the award for Outstanding Cast in an Ensemble Series (Comedy). It was a pleasant surprise and I think the cast was a bit surprised as well. Here are some pics […]

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

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While I’m making resolutions to perhaps exercise more in the new year, save a little bit more money, obsess a tad less on a tall, lanky man that will never love me back the way he loves Pam, and watch a bit less TV (nah, just joking on the last one), celebrities are out there […]

Ed Helms and McLovin Want You to Vote

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Ok…will do. Vote – It’s the least you can doAdd to My Profile | More Videos

THE OFFICE Recap: “Branch Wars”

I have the case of the giggles tonight. Overall I can’t say that tonight’s episode of The Office was my favorite, but I can’t stop giggling thinking back on some of the funnier moments. I don’t know what’s come over me but it’s been over an hour a since the show ended and I’m still […]

THE OFFICE Thursday on Give Me My Remote (Update)

It’s Thursday…and look at this, we’ve got another new episode of THE OFFICE. Gotta love that. Just a few short news items to catch up on this week. I’m looking forward to watching tonight’s episode with the BuddyTV crew as I missed last week’s ep because of the World Series (not that I’m complaining) but […]