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THE OFFICE Season Premiere: ‘Nepotism’

September 24, 2010 by  
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When I was little, my mom used to tell me that if I ever lost something, I should go back to where I started and retrace my steps in the hopes that I’d find what I was looking for along the way. Perhaps my mom had the same talk with the writers of THE OFFICE. […]

THE OFFICE: Manager and Salesman

The suit coat came off. The sleeves were rolled up. The tie was loosened. He’s back at his old desk. It’s time to start the slow clap….Jim Halpert is back. I absolutely loathed tonight’s episode of the office.  Erin and Andy were neither cute nor adorable. Kelly Kapoor wasn’t her awesome self. And I hate […]


November 13, 2009 by  
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I do declare that I read in the journal that other OFFICE fans might have enjoyed this episode a bit more than I did. I’ll have to keep this week’s discussion of THE OFFICE short or the murder to be solved may be my own. While I have trust in the writing staff of THE […]

THE OFFICE: Double Date

November 6, 2009 by  
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Last night’s episode of THE OFFICE was kind of like Michael’s relationship with Helene.  It started off with great promise, but came off the hinges fast. While there were some really funny moments, on the whole it wasn’t one of my favorite episodes. It has to be said – Michael Scott would make for a […]

THE OFFICE: Jim & Pam Get Married

“Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.” – Jim For those of you worried that tonight’s episode was going to be an hour long sappy lovefest dedicated solely to celebrating Jim and Pam’s love, I give you puke. From the literally nauseating cold open to […]

THE OFFICE: The Promotion

I’d imagine that if you are a casual fan of THE OFFICE then “The Promotion” probably wasn’t your favorite episode.  The laughs were scarce and the awkwardness was off the charts.  As a devoted fan of THE OFFICE from way back in Season 1 I can tell you that this week’s ep wasn’t my favorite […]

THE OFFICE: The Meeting

“I tried to keep Michael in the dark. I should have know that he can do just as much damage in the dark.” Had last night’s episode of THE OFFICE stopped after the cold open I still would have loved it.  But it continued on for another 21 minutes and the absurdity and laughs kept […]

THE OFFICE: Jim & Pam – “Send in the Subs”

Update: THE OFFICE’s Jim & Pam are having a baby (check out the promo) Just in case you want to re-watch the big moment over and over and over again. Sigh.

THE OFFICE Season Finale: Company Picnic

The following contains SPOILERS for tonight’s season final of THE OFFICE.  Read at your own will. And with that, another season of THE OFFICE ends. I’m finding it quite difficult to write with my heart beating out of my chest. I did NOT see that ending coming, did you? Kudos once again to the OFFICE […]


It’s good to have friends… A very special thanks to Erik who was kind enough to step in and handle the review of this week’s episode of THE OFFICE. You know it just about killed me to turn the weekly review of my favorite show over to someone else, but honestly, I’m fighting a miserable […]


(The following contains spoilers for tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE. Stop reading if you haven’t yet watched.) If you’re skin is crawling with awkwardness then you might have just finished watching tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE. Talk about cringeworthy.  I watched most of the episode with my hands over my eyes. And I loved every […]

THE OFFICE: Golden Ticket

Michael Scott tried his best at being Willy Wonka but ended up looking more like a bad Oompa Loompa in last night’s episode of THE OFFICE. After devising a marketing plan to place Golden Tickets offering major discounts into random boxes of paper goes horribly awry, Michael sets up Dwight to take the fall with […]

THE OFFICE: Blood Drive

In the spirit of Bob and Phyllis Vance, this week’s review of THE OFFICE is going to be a quickie. I was a bit bewildered why NBC would run a bunch of reruns during the month of February and hold back its Valentine’s Day episode until March. I know that March sweeps started last night […]

THE OFFICE: Lecture Circuit (Part I)

February 6, 2009 by  
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Attention Dwight Schurte and Jim Halpert – my birthday is March 21st.  That gives you over a full month to plan my party.  My chocolate ice cream cake better be covered in 24 candles (one for each year of my life) and my orange and purple balloons best be fully inflated. Got it?  Good. Last […]

THE OFFICE Super Bowl Episode – Favorite Moments

February 1, 2009 by  
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If you read my early review of the post-Super Bowl episode of THE OFFICE then you know I was a big fan! But I want to know what YOU think. Chime in during or after the episode and share YOUR favorite moments. Here are some of my favorite moments… (and despite appearances NO these are […]