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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The Final Cast Read Through (Video)

No BATTLESTAR GALACTICA tonight…or ever. But if you’re going through withdrawal you should enjoy this amazing video of the final cast read through of the final episode. I haven’t had a chance to see but a few minutes of it, but I knew I couldn’t watch it in the office because (a) I don’t think […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Series Finale Recap & Podcast

I wanted wait to share my thoughts on the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Finale until I could talk about it with Dan. After all, he was the one that brought this show to me in the first place. And I’ll be forever grateful that he did. Rather than write a long rambling post about my take on […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: Someone to Watch Over Me

I’m sorry. What?! I just finished watching BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and in theory I’m now supposed to share my thoughts on the episode with all of you in the hopes of spurring a thought provoking discussion. Problem is, I’m not sure what I just watched. I’m certainly left with more questions than answers. Given there’s less […]


The final five Cylons were reunited last night as Ellen returned to Galactica.  She and Tigh wasted no time in getting reacquainted in the most intimate of ways.  Glad to know there wasn’t any lingering resentment…you know, since Tigh killed Ellen and all.  But when Ellen learned of her husband’s affair with Caprica, the most […]


Gaeta is a douche. (And that poetic opening illustrated why I will never be a proper TV writer). But seriously, Gaeta is a douche. In this chaotic yet wonderfully paced episode, mutiny ruled as Zarek and Geata seized power of Galactica. Rosalin gave up on fighting her cancer but ultimately came back swinging in the […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Sometimes a Great Notion – The Final Cylon Revealed

That fizzing sound you hear might be the sound of my brain trying to figure just what happened during last night’s season premiere of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. So much to take in, and for me, so many more questions. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, I’d stop reading right about now because we are going […]

Battlestar Galactica Recap: “Revelations”

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I’m still playing catch up with BATTLESTAR GALATICA and to that end I haven’t seen the mid-season finale. I’m carefully tip-toeing through the internet carefully trying to avoid spoiler land mines.Of course our resident BSG expert, Jo, has seen the finale and she’s all set to talk to you about it. I’ll close my eyes. […]

Battlestar Galactica Recap: Hub

I’m woefully behind on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Like 2 weeks behind. Lucky for me, it’s going be nearing 100 degrees here in Boston tomorrow so I can stay in my nice air conditioned apartment and play catch up. For all you BSG fans out there, please enjoy this week’s recap courtesy of our favorite Texan, Jo. […]


Title: Sine Qua Non GMMR Recapper: Jo 39,674. This recap is not going as thorough as usual. I confess, I had the computer on while I was watching, which in my world means, I only heard half of the dialogue. But I do remember the big points and they did not resolve the major JUMP! […]

Battlestar Galactica Recap: “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”

Title: “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner” GMMR Recapper: JoHumor is lost somewhere in the universe, but I love the quippy title for such a weighty episode. I would’ve gone less creative with “Gaeta sings pretty”. 39,673. If I remember that’s sans the chick on Demetrius and the cancer woman. This week is sans one Gaeta […]


Title: “Faith” Original Airdate: 5/9/08 GMMR Recapper: Jo 39,675. Because that dayplayer on Demetrius got blown up last week. Two major story lines but once again several MIA actors. Adama only pops up at the very end. Roslin, wearing a convincing bald cap comments on Tory’s new found strength the face of political whirlwinds. Huh, […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: “The Road Less Traveled”

Sorry to GMMR recapper Jo and the rest of you that were waiting to see this week’s recap of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Today is the first day I’ve been online since Friday. My bad. Wait no more. Here’s it is… 39,676? Must’ve been a baby born in the fleet. Mutiny! Civil war! Cults! But the weirdest […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: “Escape Velocity”

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Title: “Escape Velocity” Original Airdate: 4/25/08 GMMR Recapper: Jo 39,675. Colonial Fleet sans one Cally Tyrol. Chief leads the memorial service but he has that patented Crazy Chief look his in eye. He grabs Tory and Tigh as they try to leave, but Tigh casts him a threatening look out of one eye. Chief is […]

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Recap: “The Ties That Bind”

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It’s killing me not to read Jo’s recap of this week’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! But I want to see it for myself and will just have to show some restraint and read the recap after I watch the actual episode. But for those of you who want to discuss, check out Jo’s recap of BSG. Title: […]

Battlestar Galactica Recap: “Six of One”

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Title: “Six of One” Original Airdate: April 11, 2008 GMMR Recapper: Jo Previously, Starbuck pulled a gun on Roslin. Ruh Roh. 39,676. The Four meet in a closet and decide to figure out who number Five is. Tyrol thinks Baltar could help so Tigh nominates Tory to um, interrogate, him. Baltar confronts Tory for spying […]