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Fox Boss: No Plans ‘Right Now’ to Revive PRISON BREAK and 24

August 7, 2019 by  
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“We happen to have some iconic IPs that people will want to see more of,” Charlie Collier told reporters.

24 at Comic-Con: Photos from the Panel and Fan Signings

July 26, 2014 by  
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24 hit up Comic-Con on Thursday, and star Kiefer Sutherland participated in a panel and fan meet-and-greet to support the show. Check out some photos from the events… Related: 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Finale Post-Mortem: Manny Coto on the Most Emotional Scene 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Finale Photos 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: Manny Coto on […]

24 at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

July 24, 2014 by  
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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY may have concluded a few weeks ago, but franchise star Kiefer Sutherland is in San Diego to talk about the show’s run with executive producer/direct Jon Cassar. Here is Comic-Con’s officially description of the panel, and check back starting at 10 AM PT for live updates for what the duo have […]

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY: Check Out the New Trailer and Key Art!

March 25, 2014 by  
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Need a few more 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY goodies? Check out the awesome new trailer and key art for the upcoming event series…

24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY at TCA: Live-Blog

January 13, 2014 by  
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Jack Bauer is back, and the cast and producers will be participating in a Press Tour session today. Follow along for a live-blog of what they have to say!

Report: Fox Considering a Limited-Run Return for 24

May 9, 2013 by  
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Well, this is…something: Deadline is reporting that Fox is eying a limited-run revival of 24. With TOUCH out of the way — and several attempts to bring the story to the big screen falling through — reportedly the network is looking to bring Jack Bauer back to the small screen for a brand new arc. […]

Kiefer Sutherland Addresses a Possible 24 Movie on THE TONIGHT SHOW: ‘If We Don’t Get it Into This Slot, We’ll Do it Next Year’

March 15, 2012 by  
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For fans of 24, the status of the possible follow-up movie has been quite the roller coaster. While everyone involved seems eager to put Jack Bauer on the big screen, after several stop-starts since the series ended in 2010, it appeared the project hit yet another speed bump earlier this week when a Fox spokesperson […]

Jimmy Fallon Pays Musical Tribute to LOST, 24 and LAW AND ORDER

August 30, 2010 by  
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The best way to say goodbye to a few of our favorite shows? A musical number, of course. Jimmy Fallon bids a fond farewell to three shows we lost this year by channeling the musical stylings of Elton John, Boyz II Men and Green Day. Witness Emmy host Jimmy Fallon honor LOST, 24 and LAW […]

What Happened on the 24 Series Finale?

May 25, 2010 by  
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A special thanks to Phil for covering 24 for GMMR for the past two seasons.  I can’t imagine how many dead bodies you’ve witnessed as a result, but I hop you’re not scarred for life. Thanks for everything….Kath So, this is the end. The last seconds of “24” just flickered across my screen. The clock […]

24 – Day 8: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

May 11, 2010 by  
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Pulling out all the stops seems to be the theme for these last few episodes, which is fantastic and kind of scary. If you think about it, even though he’s a flawed character and he’s made more than his fair share of questionable decisions in and out of the job, he’s always made those decisions […]

24 – Day 8: 11:00am – 12:00pm

This season is moving along at a brisk pace, even if its getting tenuous in some places. I would have predicted that President Taylor would have told Logan to take a hike by this point, but the legacy of horrible “24” presidents had to continue, I suppose. Debrief Jack and Cole go in and rescue […]

24 – Day 8: 10:00am – 11:00am

April 27, 2010 by  
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So, not much happened this week. There was a lot of setup and not a lot of payoff, so this shouldn’t take long. Debrief Ethan convinces Taylor that she is doing the wrong thing and that she must withdraw from the peace treaty. Before she can announce this, Logan convinces her that she can treat […]

24 – Day 8: 9:00am – 10:00am

April 20, 2010 by  
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There were some surprises for me tonight, though not on the scale of previous weeks. I have a feeling the next six episodes will come down to a sort of Jack vs. the World scenario, where all of the characters will be grappling with the right thing to do against the “greater good.” Let’s get […]

24 – Day 8:00am – 9:00am

April 13, 2010 by  
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Are you ready to talk about one of the more momentous episodes of 24 in recent memory? Why do shows always shine when they know they’re coming to an end? Taylor assures Jack that there was nothing he could have done to save Hassan. Samir is barely alive, however, for questioning. While he is laying […]

24 – Day 8: 6:00am – 8:00am

April 6, 2010 by  
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Well, that was eventful. I love that they planned a two-hour “event” to not only combat the juggernaut that is the NCAA Tournament and its incredible Butler Bulldogs, but also to really get you roped in early and unleash a ton of twists and turns in one concise package. There’s a ton of information and […]