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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season Premiere Recap

So Damon walked out of the bathtub, soaking wet and naked. And now you know what happened on tonight’s season premiere of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. The End. Ok, not quite, but I’d be lying if I said it was easy to concentrate on plot development after that scene was dropped on me so early into […]


Stefan: Promise me, whatever happens, you’ll protect her. Damon: Promise. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is currently living in this magnificent second season bubble of goodness. Even when an episode doesn’t completely knock my socks off, it’s still usually one of the best things about my TV week. Such was the case tonight. Per usual, a lot […]


Hi guys!  Kath is away, so I’ll be covering THE VAMPIRE DIARIES for her this week, which I’m very excited about.  I have to admit I avoided this show when it started, thinking it would be TWILIGHT TV, but I’m so glad I listened to everyone who was praising it, because it really is one […]

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Would You Rather ‘Kill or Be Killed’?

Previously on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES…It was revealed that Katherine had a hand in organizing the very vampire burning that she was thought to have perished in. Elena and Katherine came face-to-face. Kat enlisted (re: threatened) Caroline to help her spy on Stefan and Elena. Tyler learned more about his ancestry than perhaps he wanted to […]

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Takes a Stroll Down ‘Memory Lane’

Alright, I’ve learned my lesson – I will never go out on a Thursday night again.  Watching THE VAMPIRE DIARIES at 5 a.m. is not ideal. It’s just too early in the morning to properly enjoy Damon’s sarcasm and wit (but not too early to appreciate those dreamy eyes.) This week Katherine was back and […]


Previously on THE VAMPIRE DIAIRES…. Caroline became a vamp and quickly got out of control. Stefan stepped up and offered to help her adjust to his way of life. Both Tyler and Damon suspected that something isn’t quite right with Uncle Mason. They’re correct. This week, the search to uncover the Lockwood family mystery continued. […]


Previously on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES… The bitch is back. And in case you weren’t sure the particular bitch I’m talking about, it’s Katherine. The doppel-vamp was all business and wasted no time in wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls. She stabbed Uncle John, seduced Stefan and killed Caroline (well, kind of). Anyone else ready to send […]

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Let’s Discuss ‘The Return’

WARNING: If you haven’t yet seen tonight’s (Sept. 9) episode, stop reading or you’ll be spoiled… So THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ second season premiere picked right back up where it left us last spring with Elena arriving home, discovering her daddy/uncle John minus five fingers and fighting for his life after Katherine’s attack. Thankfully (or not, […]


What’s a new TV Talk Podcast without a little singing, short-term memory loss and a lot of inappropriate laughter? That’s right, we’re baaaaack! In this podcast we’ll cover: CHUCK, GLEE, LIFE UNEXPECTED, GREEK, PARENTHOOD, AMERICAN IDOL, UGLY BETTY, MODERN FAMILY, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, SUPERNATURAL, 30 ROCK, PARKS & RECREATION, THE OFFICE, PROJECT RUNWAY, SURVIVOR,THE AMAZING […]

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Unpleasantville

You can’t live in a town called “Mystic Falls” and not expect it to be crawling with vampires, witches and bears oh my! Listen Elena, if you want to date a vampire, you’re going to need more than just pencils and an old mop to defend yourself.  Let me give you the email address of […]