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Showtime Orders HOUSE OF LIES, HOMELAND…Brings Kristen Bell and Claire Danes Back to TV

April 7, 2011 by  
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Showtime is welcoming two new series to their original programming lineup. David Nevins, Showtime Networks President of Entertainment, has ordered HOMELAND, a one-hour drama, and HOUSE OF LIES, a half-hour comedy. HOMELAND will star Emmy Award winner Claire Danes — who will always be Angela Chase to us!! — Golden Globe nominee Damian Lewis — […]

Kristen Bell Returns to Television in Showtime’s HOUSE OF LIES

February 1, 2011 by  
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Someone start the slow clap. Kristen Bell is returning to television. Showtime has just announced that the VERONICA MARS star has joined the cast of HOUSE OF LIES, a new half-hour dark comedy starring Don Cheadle. According to Showtime, HOUSE OF LIES is a “subversive, scathing look at a self-loathing management consultant from a top-tier […]

PARTY DOWN Finale Tonight – Sneak Peek

One of the freshest new comedies of this year, PARTY DOWN, airs its season finale tonight at 10:30pm on Starz.  If you haven’t yet seen the show, I encourage you to catch up over the summer (you can watch full episodes on  It’s smart, dark and spit take funny.  The outstanding cast is perfect […]

Caption This…Rashida Jones & Kristen Bell: Girl Crush Edition

October 4, 2008 by  
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Two of my biggest TV girl crushes, Kristen Bell and Rashida Jones (oh how far I’ve come) were together on Friday at MSU for an Obama rally.  Although I’ve met both Kristen and Rashida I’ve never been in the same room with both of them at the same time.  I think it would be vaguely […]

Veronica Mars: The Movie

August 19, 2008 by  
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Don’t tease me. Especially not about this. I don’t always buy what Ausiello is selling but I sooo want to believe his report that there is talk about a possible VERONICA MARS movie. I miss Veronica…and Logan, Wallace, Mac, and especially Dick CASABLANCAS. I am still harboring bitter feelings at how the show ended. I […]

Makin’ Music with John Mayer

May 9, 2008 by  
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I love John Mayer. Judge me…I can take it. I dig his music. I live for his blog updates. I’m a fan. And I find him funny as all get out. I can’t tell you how upset I was when my favorite episode of “John Mayer has a TV Show”* was unceremoniously deleted from my […]

John Krasinski, Kristen Bell and Friends in NYC

If I ever make it to heaven, please have at least a few of these people waiting to greet me when I arrive. I mean if I have to spend eternity with the same people they might as well make me laugh. I usually don’t feel good about posting paparazzi photos on the site but […]


Courtesy of GMMR reader, Jen, I was able to catch a sneak peek of FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL last night here in Boston. I gotta tell ya, it was hands down one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I’m talking laugh out loud, tears in my eyes funny.Jason Segel (How I […]

Kristen Bell in Vanity Fair…VaVaVaVoom

April 8, 2008 by  
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I’d say this this was for the GMMR boys, but let’s face it, even the ladies have to enjoy this stunning picture of HEROES star Kristen Bell from the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Simply gorgeous. As you probably know, Kristen stars in the soon to be released FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. She’ll return to TV […]

Kristen Bell is a Complex Cover Girl

November 28, 2007 by  
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HEROES star Kristen Bell is featured on the cover of the December issue of Complex Magazine.  I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of Complex, but based on the photography I’m not sure the magazine is really meant for me.  But there’s not denying Kristen looks hot.  Although, not to be a prude, but I’ve […]

Kristen Bell: From PI to Hero

The following contains spoilers pertaining to Kristen Bell’s new character on HEROES (but no other plot spoilers). Read at your own risk. I don’t know about you, but I am more than a little excited about Kristen Bell’s HEROES debut next Monday. If you aren’t familiar with Bell from her days as the title character […]

Attention HEROES & Fans of Kristen Bell

October 15, 2007 by  
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Bright and early tomorrow morning I’m going to have the opportunity to speak with new HEROES star Kristen Bell and HEROES creator Tim Kring.  If you have any questions for Tim or Kristen, be sure to leave a comment tonight and let me know.  I suppose the questions should be about HEROES, but I’d really […]

Kristen Bell Joins HEROES on TV Guide

October 1, 2007 by  
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Since the news broke that former VERONICA MARS star Kristen Bell would be joining the cast of HEROES it seems that she is popping up everywhere…and believe me, that’s not a complaint. For someone who is only signed on for half the season (as of now) she’s getting equal billing with her new co-stars and […]


Check out this adorable pic of Jason Segel of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and Kristen Bell of HEROES (sooo weird to type that) in a scene from their upcoming movie FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. In the movie, a devastated Peter (Segel) takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break-up with his TV […]

Kristen Bell Joins Cast of HEROES

August 20, 2007 by  
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A girl leaves her computer for a few hours and some major MAJOR casting scoop is unloaded.  I can’t believe I’m typing this, but it has been confirmed that Kristin Bell is joining the cast of HEROES. According to Variety, the former star of VERONICA MARS will be joining the show for a multi-episode arc […]