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THE OFFICE Time Capsule – GMMR Interviews Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski

In honor of tonight’s series finale of THE OFFICE, we at GMMR have decided to open the time capsule and bring back a few of our all time favorite OFFICE posts. Talk about ‘Throw Back Thursday’ – what you are about to read is not only GMMR’s first celeb interview but also the very first […]

THE OFFICE: Jenna Fischer, Kate Flannery, and Jake Lacy Preview the Impact of the Documentary

Since THE OFFICE’s first season, the events of the series had been portrayed as being shot as part of a documentary. And while the show’s final season has peeled back the curtain a little bit on that (most notably with introducing some of the crew in the midst of a Jim-Pam fight), tonight’s brand new […]

THE OFFICE: John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Greg Daniels Talk Jim and Pam’s Marriage Issues

Fans of THE OFFICE were more than a little alarmed when in the latest episode, “Customer Loyalty,” Jim and Pam had an over-the-phone fight that was so bad, it caused one of the crew members on the “documentary” that has been “capturing” the past nine seasons of the series to break the fourth wall to […]

THE OFFICE: NBC Looks Back on Jim and Pam’s Relationship

No matter what THE OFFICE has gone through over the past eight seasons, the relationship between Jim and Pam has always been one of the biggest highlights. So with that in mind, as the series approaches its final season (and, admittedly, I’m starting to get a little misty-eyed over that), this NBC-made retrospective of all […]

Exclusive First Look: THE OFFICE’s ‘Angela’s Baby Bump, Part 3’

There may not be a new episode of THE OFFICE tonight, but if you’re missing your Dunder-Mifflin pals, Give Me My Remote has got you covered. If you’ve been following the web series, “Angela’s Baby Bump,” so far THE OFFICE star Angela Kinsey (Angela) has shown viewers her fake baby bump and talked a little […]

THE OFFICE: Jim & Pam Get Married

“Plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.” – Jim For those of you worried that tonight’s episode was going to be an hour long sappy lovefest dedicated solely to celebrating Jim and Pam’s love, I give you puke. From the literally nauseating cold open to […]

Jim & Pam are Getting Married – THE OFFICE Wedding

Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody’s getting married. It’s time to put on those fancy dresses and those dapper suits.  Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly are getting married today. It’s odd yet quite pleasing to be able to write those words.  In the world of television, it’s not often that our favorite couples get their happily […]

THE OFFICE’s Jim and Pam…Through the Years

Call me fangirl, I don’t care. A number of people sent me the link to this very well made fanvid that examines the relationship of THE OFFICE’s Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. Since it’s their wedding week, I thought we should all be reminded of how it all began. Have you seen all the touching […]

THE OFFICE Wedding Promos (Spoilers)

UPDATE: For all of you that have waited years…next week’s it’s here. The wedding of Jim and Pam. The promo that aired at the end of this week’s episode kicked me in the gut. Oh Halpert. (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!) I wonder what Jim Halpert will be up to the night before his wedding? Stay tuned. […]

THE OFFICE’s Jim & Pam on the Cover of EW

The latest issue of EW, hitting stands on Friday, September 25th, is a must have for all fans of THE OFFICE.  The cover and story inside are all about the long-awaited, upcoming nuptials of Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert.  How stunning do John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer look on the cover?! Inside the magazine are […]

THE OFFICE Season 6 Spoilers

Jenna Fischer rocks my world!  Nothing like getting spoilers on your favorite shows directly from the stars themselves.  But that’s just what Ms. Fischer gave us in her latest MySpace blog. Want a little nugget about the new season and what’s going on with Pam Beesly? (Keep reading after the jump).

Before They Were Tivo’d: THE OFFICE’s Jenna Fischer

Welcome to the first installment of ‘Before They Were Tivo’d’ – a new feature on in which we look back at the roles of some of our favorite TV stars…before they were our favorite TV stars. Today, we’re going to check out what Jenna Fischer was doing before she was wooing Jim Halpert (and […]

Jenna Fischer Engaged to Lee Kirk!

July 7, 2009 by  
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Congratulations to THE OFFICE‘s Jenna Fischer who recently became engaged to writer Lee Kirk.  Rumors of the engagement had been floating around for the past few days, but Jenna took to her MySpace page to confirm: Just wanted to share the good news … Next up, I’ll be traveling to St. Louis for the All […]

THE OFFICE: Jim & Pam – “Send in the Subs”

Update: THE OFFICE’s Jim & Pam are having a baby (check out the promo) Just in case you want to re-watch the big moment over and over and over again. Sigh.

THE OFFICE: “Cafe Disco” Promo – I Will Not Be Fooled, NBC!

Dear NBC Promo Department, I’ve fallen for your trickery before. I will not be fooled again. I’ll watch THE OFFICE this week because I have been a loyal fan since Season 1. My watching has nothing to do with this promo so don’t go patting yourselves on the back. Sincerely, Kath Editor, P.S. You are […]