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THE OFFICE Series Finale: Photos and Video from the ‘Best Prank Ever’

[This post contains spoilers for the series finale of THE OFFICE.]

THE OFFICE Season Premiere Recap: Weight Loss (Spoiler Alert!!)

The following post and comments will most certainly contain spoiler for THE OFFICE.  Honestly STAY AWAY!!! I’m not sure it’s right to derive so much happiness from an hour of television, but when it’s THE OFFICE and it’s an episode like we got tonight,  it just can’t be helped.  Tonight’s Season 5 premiere had a […]

Upfront ’08 Memories – Meeting the Cast of THE OFFICE

As I continue to stroll down memory lane of the Upfronts ’08, there’s no way I can talk about my week without talking about getting to see the cast of my favorite show, THE OFFICE. Yes, I was lucky enough to meet the cast last year, but it really doesn’t matter. I still get just […]

Dwight Schrute Accepts John McCain’s Vice Presidental Nomination

Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, John McCain, made a bold announcement last week when during an interview on THE DAILY SHOW he announced that Dwight Schrute would be his running mate on the ticket come November. It was an obvious choice and one, frankly, we all saw coming. But what Senator McCain didn’t anticipate was the […]

THE OFFICE: “Did I Stutter?”

Last night I was flipping through the stations trying to find something to watch (Ugh, would it kill the networks to put at least one show on Thursday nights?) when I stumbled across this documentary about people working in a paper company. Well, I think it was a paper company, and I think they were […]

THE OFFICE Throws a ‘Dinner Party’

I wish I had this really incredible tale of a life affirming weekend filled with friends, booze, laughter and love (not necessarily in that order) as an excuse for it being Sunday night and me just getting around to posting my thoughts on this week’s episode of THE OFFICE. But sadly I can’t. It’s was […]

THE OFFICE’s TV Guide Cover

Jim, Pam and Dwight will be on the cover of the April 14th issue of TV Guide. Many people were wondering what secrets the cover would reveal, and sadly not many. There’s plenty of speculation to be had (and you know we love that around here), but whether or not the accompanying article will deliver […]

The Cast of THE OFFICE an the 2008 SAG Awards

By far the best moment of this year’s SAG Awards was when the cast of THE OFFICE, my very favorite show on television, took home the award for Outstanding Cast in an Ensemble Series (Comedy). It was a pleasant surprise and I think the cast was a bit surprised as well. Here are some pics […]

Donate to THE OFFICE Crew & Win an OFFICE Experience!!

On Saturday, November 10, the 102 members of THE OFFICE production crew were laid-off without severance. As the holiday season approaches, fans of THE OFFICE have united in an effort to show a gesture of appreciation by creating the Office Fans Christmas Fund. Founding members of this fund have teamed up with co-Executive Producer, Kent […]

Rainn Wilson on ‘Wired Science’

November 26, 2007 by  
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Rainn Wilson is keeping himself busy during the WGA strike buy guesting stinting on PBS’s ‘Wired Science’. Rainn, along with host Chris Hardwick (remember him from MTV’s “Singled Out”) play “What’s Inside Your Medicine Cabinet”, a game in which various ingredients are presented that are all present in something found in common medicine cabinets. Yes, […]

THE OFFICE Convention 2008

“If I go I’m wearing Spock ears. And I want Jenna to go as Princess Leia. And I want Rainn to go as Darth Vader…and maybe John would be Xena Warrior Princess. I just want to confuse people as to what kind of convention is actually is.” – Steve Carell on attending future Office convention […]

THE OFFICE Recap: “Branch Wars”

I have the case of the giggles tonight. Overall I can’t say that tonight’s episode of The Office was my favorite, but I can’t stop giggling thinking back on some of the funnier moments. I don’t know what’s come over me but it’s been over an hour a since the show ended and I’m still […]

THE OFFICE Thursday on Give Me My Remote (Update)

It’s Thursday…and look at this, we’ve got another new episode of THE OFFICE. Gotta love that. Just a few short news items to catch up on this week. I’m looking forward to watching tonight’s episode with the BuddyTV crew as I missed last week’s ep because of the World Series (not that I’m complaining) but […]

THE OFFICE Redux: Money

WARNING! I am about to wax poetic about tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE (well I’m not really sure if I’m going to wax poetic because I’m not entirely sure if I know what that phrase means, but it sounded good right?). I’m not sure anyone but die hard Office fans will understand what I’m trying […]

THE OFFICE Thursday on Give Me My Remote

THE OFFICE Thursday on GMMR is going to have to be short today. That’s what she said. No time!! But she did. NO TIME!! A lot needs to happen in my world today before I get to site down an enjoy THE OFFICE tonight, so let’s get to it (that’s what she said). Late Night […]